Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blatter optimistic for African league football

FIFA''s president Blatter on  African league

FIFA president Joseph Sepp Blatter urged on Saturday that African countries improve their own professional leagues, so as to maintain young players in their own countries.

Addressing media in Botswana on Saturday, Blatter cautioned young Africans against seeking football career opportunities internationally as the international arena is saturated with exceptional competitive football talent.

"The most important thing is that we have professional leagues to maintain the young players here. At least each player should acquire the first professional contract in their home country so that there future is assured," stated Blatter.

Blatter said governments should play an important role in supporting the development of professional football leagues in Africa.

"We agree fully that the government shall help the development of football because finally sport and football is part of the society. It's not only kicking the ball or running, it is a school of life, and it is part of the social culture, part of economy."

Blatter is on a two day visit in Botswana starting on Friday. From Botswana Blatter is scheduled for South Africa where he will watch the Africa Cup of Nations 2013 finals on Sunday.


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