Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloweenstorm threatens America

US authorities order mass evacuations and airlines cancel flights as Hurricane Sandy bears down on the east coast

Hurricane Sandy path
Hurricane heads to Eastern US after claiming 66lives in Caribean
60 million in path of hurricane Sandy
President Obama and Mitt Romney cancel election campaign events traffic pageviews up to 960million in 3days
States of emergency declared in ten states, plus the US capita, Washington
New York Stock Exchange closed on Monday, first time since September 9, 11
Public schools closed on Monday in seven states, for two million children
Airlines cancel more than 7,400 flights on Sunday through Monday
New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC and the state of New Jersey shut down trains, subways and buses on Monday
Amtrak cancels service in the northeast corridor from Sunday night
Maryland suspends early voting for the presidential election on Monday
Broadway cancels Sunday and Monday shows; New York public parks closed from Sunday evening
UN headquarters in New York to be shut on Monday, meetings cancelled

Pray for the East Coast



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