Friday, November 9, 2012

Wole Soyinka speaks out concerning Boko Haram

Nigerian Nobel literature laureate Wole Soyinka on Friday says Nigeria is at war with Boko Haram and dismisses calls for peace negotiations with the Islamist group.

Wole Soyinka speaks on Boko Haram and dismiss peace negotiations with the islamist group saying Nigeria is at war
 President Goodluck Jonathan earlier this year encouraged the Islamists, blamed for hundreds of deaths since 2009, to publicly state their demands, and his government has confirmed that "back-channel" talks with the group are ongoing.
"When I say, 'don't talk to murderers,' that is exactly what I mean," Soyinka told foreign media at an international conference in Lagos.
"Don't talk to mass murderers. Don't talk to those who have made the killing of innocent people their philosophy," he added.
Soyinka described the violence blamed on the Islamists, which has included attacks on security forces, government officials and Christians in church, as "completely out of control."
"Then you, the assaulted, say, 'please, come and talk to us. Please, we don't know what you want' ... What kind of language is that? That is the language of abysmal appeasement," he said on the sidelines of the Kuramo Conference on development.
Nigerian security forces have so far been been unable to stamp out the violence and have themselves been accused of massive abuses in combating the Islamists group.

Africa's first Nobel literature prize winner however described the insurgency as a "security issue" that posed a new kind of challenge for Nigeria's military.
Violence linked to Boko Haram is estimated to have claimed 2,800 lives since 2009, including killings by the security forces, with the worst violence concentrated in the mainly Muslim north of Africa's most populous country.
The group has said it wants to create an Islamic state in the north, but its last demands can be found here.

 Sources: Times


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