Monday, December 24, 2012

61st anniversary of Libya’s independence

Today, sixty-one years ago, on 24 December, 1951, Libya was proclaimed an independendant and sovereign state after the Dutch diplomat and Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, Adrian Pelt, transferred state power to the late King Idris in his capacity as UN High Commissioner for Libya.

Libyans marked Monday the 61st anniversary of the North African country's Independence Day.

A national ceremony including a military performance was held in the Martyrs Square in the capital city of Tripoli, with the moored ships in Tripoli port ringing sirens to mark this special anniversary.

In a keynote speech during the ceremony, Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidan said Libya needs its people's hard work and "commitment to attend work every day with faithful spirit to build and develop the nation."

Last year was the first time in more than 40 years where Libyans were able to freely celebrate Independence Day, lighting the country up with flags, music and dancing. Despite ongoing issues in Libya, this year’S 24/12 will undoubtedly be a day of celebration and a time to remember the significance of the flag. The red for the blood of those who died, and the green for independence and a fresh start.


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