Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another woman gang raped in New Delhi spark protests

Man holds a banner during a protest

As protests erupted across Delhi on Wednesday over a recent gang rape in the nation’s capital, the police in the northern state of Bihar said a 15 year-old girl had been admitted to a government hospital after being raped by three men.

The Bihar student, who was in the 10th grade and from the Surya village of the Banka district, was attacked by three men on her way home from school, Vikas Barman, the Banka police superintendent, said in a telephone interview. “We’ve detained two persons related to the case,” he said.

Six men raped a 23-year-old medical student and beat her and her companion before throwing them out of the bus on Sunday. Four men have been arrested.

Demonstrations erupted outside New Delhi's police headquarters demanding swift punishment for the rapists. Angry university students set up roadblocks across the city.

Lawmakers, women right groups and citizens across India have expressed outrage over the gang rape of a woman on a bus in New Delhi and are urging the government to crack down on crimes against women.

The protest and outpouring of anger are unusual in India where attacks against women are often ignored and rarely prosecuted.

Opposition lawmakers protesting outside Parliament on Wednesday demanded the death penalty for the rapists.

India has seen sharp rise in the number of reported gang rape cases in recent month. Overall, reported rapes in India have increased by about 25 percent over the past six years, but there are no reported figures for gang rape


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