Friday, January 18, 2013

Brazilian website selling fake Facebook girlfriends for $39.99

Brazilian website selling fake Facebook girlfriends for $39.99

A Brazilian website will create a fake Facebook girlfriend for you for only $39.99. 

The site offers a number of possible reasons to hire a fake Facebook girlfriend.

''Sometimes people need to rent a fake girlfriend to make jealous a jealous ex-girlfriend. In truth, we have a lot of clients for that reason. After a breakup, the ex-boyfriends want to show that they are already with another person to feel good. One immediate way to do this is to hire a fake girlfriend to maintain appearances.''

You might wonder where these fake girlfriends are coming from. The site invites women to offer their profiles up for virtual grabbing, with the incentive of a 50 percent profit share.

They also offer a $19.99 service that creates a very fine Facebook ex-girlfriend for you.

Several women who would love to have a fake Facebook boyfriend will have to wait for now.


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