Thursday, January 3, 2013

Charlyboy's New Years Message to Nigerians

CharlyBoy New Years Message to Nigerians

“In quiet moments like this, nothing runs through my mind than remembering all my haters, foes, enemies, friends, and those dear to me. It’s New Year. Another time to make resolutions and aspire to acquire the desire we admire even if we mis-fired last year, we have this year to re-fire.

“But can I candidly wish you a happy and prosperous New Year when our national patrimony has been cornered by thieves, gangsters, fraudsters in stacked robes!

“We live in a war situation, continuous Armageddon, Boko Haram bombers, poverty, insecurity, pen robbers who loot our treasures with impunity and squander the future of our youth who are morphing into anti-social scum bags. All I can wish you this year is survival. May God help us to simplify our lives and live without cluttering it.

“Let’s get ready for this year. God bless. CHAR LYBOY, AKA, AREAFADA.”


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