Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nigeria: N496m spent on Police colleges

Nigeria's police college Ikeja to receive N496m
Nigeria's Police College, Ikeja

Nigeria's Ministry of Finance, showed that Police colleges got N496m in 2012.

Budget Office of the Federation, Ministry of Finance, showed that N296.75m was budgeted for the upgrade of facilities including the college at Ikeja and another N200m  for the rehabilitation of Police Intelligence College, Challawa, Kano State.

Last week, President Goodluck Jonathan had visited the Police College, Ikeja, after Channels Television exposed the poor state of  the police academy.

As a result, an 11-man committee has been set up to probe the rot in police colleges nationwide.

The Executive Chairman of the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, Debo Adeniran, told Sunday Punch that “Even if they had budgeted N1bn for the upgrade of facilities at the police colleges, it will still not amount to anything because those in charge will divert the money into their pockets. There is simply no accountability in the system.

“For several years, different amounts of money have been budgeted for projects at those colleges but nobody has monitored implementation. The National Assembly and the minister of police affairs have not performed their oversight functions.”

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