Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shell oil spill damages

Nigerian women at the Shell Oil spill site

Shell faces damages over Nigeria oil spill. A court in Hague, Netherlands ordered Shell to pay compensation to one Nigerian farmer for damages caused by oil pollution Wednesday.

This verdict is great news for the Nigerians in Ikot Ada Udo who has suffered alot from environmental pollution from the oil spill.

The amount of the fine will be determined in a separate case. However, in four other similar cases, Shell was acquitted from paying for damages caused by oil spills in Nigeria.

In the case about oil spills near the village of Ikot Ada Udo, the court ruled that: "Shell Nigeria, pursuant to applicable Nigerian law, has violated a duty of care and shall be held liable for tort of negligence."

However, the court established that the four other oil spills were not caused by defective maintenance by Shell, but by sabotage from third parties. "Pursuant to applicable Nigerian law, an oil company is not liable for oil spills caused by sabotage in principle," read a court statement.


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