Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Together Forever: Couple married for 65 years die hours apart

Crookston, Minnesota: A married couple for over 65 years died within hours of each other holding hands at Valley Eldercare Center Sunday.
Couple died together after 65 years of marriage

On December 15th, Mrs Vevea (90year-old) suffered a heart attack followed shortly by her husband. Mr Clifford (93year-old) died before his wife as they held hands a final time at Valley Eldercare Center

Mrs. Vevea was the first to fall ill with a heart attack on December 15 perhaps prompting Mr Vevea’s own heart failure shortly after. Clifford and Eva Vevea's death is the 'anniversary syndrome' said funeral director, Jim Bredman.
'This is a rare case. In my 41 year career, we had one other occasion where we had a companion funeral due to death by natural cases. In that case, the two died within a day and a half.'

Close friend Alveda Scholin added: They were always together, always wonderfully happy together,” she said. “Especially in the later years, they always held hands.’
She continued: ‘It’s so unreal that they would die on the same day. But Eva had prayed for that. It would have been very sad for the one left behind because of their closeness.’


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