Tuesday, January 8, 2013

UNIBEN discover new herbal drugs for the treatment of HIV/AIDS

UNIBEN discover HIV/AIDS cure
UNIBEN announces cure for HIV/AIDS

The Dean of the School of Basic Medical Sciences of Nigeria's University of Benin (UNIBEN) Prof Isaiah Ibeh unveiled two herbal drugs: Deconction X and Bioclean 11 to reporters, saying it had undergone series of successful tests at the laboratory for the treatment of patients with HIV/AIDS.

Speaking to reporters, Ibeh said:

“We are at the threshold of making history, in the sense that we seem to have with us something that will permanently take care of what over time seems to have defied all solutions. We are talking about the latest discovery of an oral drug made from plants extraction in Nigeria for the possible cure of the pandemic, HIV and AIDS virus,” he said, adding that research on the project had commenced in 2010 and culminated in the development of the liquid drug known as Deconction X (DX) or Bioclean 11, for the cure of HIV/AIDS.

“The existing retroviral drugs are intervention drugs for the management of AIDS, but our new discovery is a possible cure,”

Nigerian university professor finds possible cure for HIV/AIDS

According to Ibeh, the university had tried to look at the herbal drug first, as well as its toxicological analysis and discovered that it has a large safety margin before unveiling it to the public. “This means that if animals or human beings are exposed to it, they will not suffer any serious harm at all from the exposure,” he said.

“The drug had performed well on patients with the HIV virus and had shown evidence of total restoration of damaged tissues. The result showed an increase in the body weight of the individuals administered with DX,” Ibeh said.

“Preliminary results showed that of the five latest patients orally administered with the drugs within seven months, three of them were siro negative while two were still faintly positive,” he explained, while appealing to government and other relevant bodies to assist the university with relevant equipment to sustain the research.


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