Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nigerians has lost confidence in Goodluck Jonathan

The Nigerian people have lost confidence in President Goodluck Jonathan and his government.

Goodluck Jonathan

Goodluck not only failed to inspire Nigeria but has formed a formidable alliance with the enemies within Nigeria: IBB, Obasanjo, Anenih and co..

The nation had expectantly waited for Goodluck and his government to put an end to the ongoing kidnappings and unrest in the country.

"We all feels a lack of confidence in the national government. As a christian I can't visit my friends and relatives in the North" Adesola said.

Goodluck has failed, among other things, to provide solutions to the unemployment crisis in the country; power outages and government corruption in the past few years.

"The president says he is committed to job creation, but let's look at what he actually does about job creation. Nothing!" Osa said.

If Anenih at 79years old can get a job at the Port Authority, how come a graduate with full qualifications cannot be employed?

He had promised five million new jobs by 2015, but unemployment had risen again during his third year in office. The economy is yet to grow an inch since he assumed the presidency.

"Has the president ever reflected on what it must feel like to be a young person without a job in Nigeria today?" Uche asked.

"Does he feel for the educated University graduate under the age of 34 who are unable to find work, because their is none out there.'' Idowu added.

Support of young voters was crucial in re-election of Goodluck Jonathan in 2011.

The president also claimed to have brought policy certainty to the mining industry, but almost 70% of the mining companies in Nigeria are not working.

Since 1990, the proportion of Nigerians living in poverty has increased from 49% to 77%. The public education and health systems have all but collapsed: If not for some State Governors (Edo, Lagos, Enugu, Ogun, Osun to mention a few)

Power cuts are a daily fact of life.

Goodluck Jonathan now face the twin threats of impossibly high expectations in the south and deep and insecurities in the north.

He has failed so far to bring the divided nation together.


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