Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Black smoke again, as Cardinals meet to select new pope

Cardinals meet for fifth time to select new pope. Black smoke billowed from the Sistine Chapel for a second day on Wednesday after a secret conclave of cardinals held two more inconclusive votes for a new pope to lead the troubled Roman Catholic Church. Black smoke indicates no pope has yet been chosen.

Black smoke again

 A first vote ended inconclusively on Tuesday, and the inky black smoke at midday Wednesday indicated an absence of consensus among the cardinals in two subsequent ballots.

There was no result from the fourth round of voting earlier this afternoon, so white or black smoke from the Sistine Chapel is expected any time between now and 6.30pm Irish time.

Tens of thousands have braved torrential rain in St Peter's Square, with their eyes fixed on the small chimney erected over the Sistine Chapel.

At this point of the last conclave, Pope Benedict was elected with many believing that his successor could be declared this evening or tomorrow.

If there is no decision tonight, then the Cardinals will retire for prayers and then dinner at St Martha's residence where they have lived throughout the Conclave.


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