Thursday, March 7, 2013

Help rebuild tomorrow's Lagos - Fashola

Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola on Wednesday sought the support of the public towards realisation of a better future for Lagos, saying much of the potentials of the state had not been realised.
Help rebuild tomorrow's lagos says Fashola

He spoke at the launch of a book titled, ‘Lagos: A Cultural and Historical Companion’, authored by Kaye Whiteman.

The governor said there is so much potential that lies ahead of the Lagos of tomorrow which would be better than the Lagos of yesterday.

“I have always asked myself what Lagos we would take, is it a Lagos of yesterday or the Lagos of today or indeed possibly tomorrow’s Lagos? I would reach for tomorrow’s Lagos and I think we should all work for tomorrow’s Lagos because I think there is so much that lies ahead of tomorrow’s Lagos and is much better than yesterday’s Lagos”.

“Whilst many complain, they continue to make returns, tapping its energy and unleashing their own entrepreneurial skills. This is the place where perhaps the Nigerian dream is best expressed. This is where all our possibilities lie. Everything is possible in Lagos”.

Fashola added the economy of the state is rated above Ghana and the United Kingdom.

The governor also revealed that the state was currently executing 1,996 projects across the state.

“Currently we are executing about 1,966 projects across the state. The projects we have visited really are the ones that have problems. We have been going round to see what the problems are instead of just reading reports.

“Now we are having a feel of the challenges and see whose ministry is responsible and what we can do to ensure that the ministries and contractors are communicating. These inspections are to ensure that we get many of those projects completed.”


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