Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nigeria and the Passion of Christ Celebrations

Holy Week is celebrated with the movie or play 'The Passion of Christ' in the Shell. Nigeria has no facilities yet to stage the traditional spectacle of Christ's Passion. The costumes used by the cast are not available as of yet but still Nigerians continue in large numbers to watch the movie 'The Passion of Christ'' in theaters statewide.

Nigeria and the passion of Christ

"Watching the movie in a theater in Lagos made me cry and question myself if I am worthy of his love. Last year, the five presentations were all crowded, "says Ayo Adesola

I applaud Mel Gibson for his courage.

''After seeing the movie it helped me to go more closer to God. The suffering and pain Jesus went through is shown in the movie. while seeing this movie i felt that I am the part of the that world that actually crucified him'' Osa

A team is currently working in Nigeria to stage next year's Passion of Christ live in Nigeria. Please leave your contact email If you are interested in performing, Staging, Costumes, lighting, graphics, directing or sponsoring in any way.

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