Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nigeria to Switch from firewood to cooking Gas

More than 112 million Nigerians rely solely on firewood for cooking.

Nigeria_firewood cooking to gas cooking

World Health Organization says more than 95,000 Nigerians die annually due to complications caused by the inhalation of smoke from biofuels. This makes it the third-highest killer after malaria and HIV/AIDS.

"Smoke from the kitchen or the use of inefficient cooking methods, especially firewood, is not only a source of ill health, but is costing families far much more than they can afford," said Eleri. "Poor families spend more buying firewood than the rich spend buying electricity or cooking gas. So these are the issues that will be addressed as a result of the switch.

Access Africa, in partnership with the government, international organizations such as USAID, micro-finance groups, gas companies and Nigeria’s largest-petroleum-distributor Oando, aim to change that.

Their “Switch to LPG Initiative” will see more than 20 million gas cylinders provided to Nigerian homes within the next five years. The three-kilogram cylinders, integrated with burners, cost as little as $12 each and will require just $5 for a monthly refill. Okolo says this is significantly less expensive than kerosene and other biofuels. The average household spends about $27 on firewood or $23 on kerosene monthly.


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