Tuesday, April 30, 2013

blogspot.com/b/app-preview?token problem

Blogspot template edit problem extends into a 6 month period. Bloggers continue to face this issue whenever the template option is clicked. If by now you already found a way to troubleshoot this issue please share with us fellow bloggers. If not, just do like I do: Whenever you click 'Template' look to the toolbar towards your top left hand side and you will see the X button next to the forward arrow once before it redirects you to a blank page.
The page turns blank because the 'Live on Blog' is not loading properly. Once you have clicked on the X button to stop loading the live on blog you will see this next arrow below and then you will be able to edit your html.

Edit html problem

 If you don't get it right the first time, keep trying and play around it else you would be redirected to a link like "blogspot.com/b/app-preview?token


  1. I have this problem but it loads to fast for me that I don't have time to click the X

  2. I have found a solution but your comments isn't letting me post it, maybe you can read it here: