Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hackers stole millions in cash in historic theft

Hackers made historic theft by stealing $ 45 million in cash from the ATMs worldwide. Investigation estimate that 40,500 withdrawals were made in 36 000 ATMs in 27 countries. It has been recorded as the bank robbery of the century. They had no guns. All the group needed was a mask and a laptop.

Hackers stole millions from ATM

At least seven members of the group have been arrested in the U.S. The security forces of more than a dozen countries including Russia and Canada have participated in the research. The members were U.S. citizens from the Dominican Republic but living in New York City. They were mostly 20 years of age.The group knew each other and were recruited, through cellphones.

The first assault was executed in late December 2012, where the hackers stole about five million dollars. They acted again in February, where losses are estimated at 40 million. In New York in particular, the group withdrew almost three million U.S. dollars in two strokes, which according to Lynch the attorney general makes it the second largest bank robbery in the history of the New York.


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