Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nigeria's big-government problem

Nigeria's big-government problem

Polls have repeatedly shown Nigeria's big-government problem to be wasteful spending. Almost all Nigerians will agree that government's spending on some ministry's are way too much. The addition of more ministry's to what we already have is alarming. Nigerians don't really need all those Ministry. Especially those ones for word purpose. It is a way to steal money. I won't call out names for now. But next time, I will.

The real problem with Nigerian government is that it is not as democratic as it should be. Government officials have too much power in our political system compared to the Judiciary. They seem to make, enact and implement the law. What are the roles of Judges, Magistrates and Supreme Courts Justices?

There are things wrong with the Nigerian government – things that need to be fixed.  Please, stop the idea that Africa is cursed or bewitched. Yes, we got our independence in the 60's, so what. We are the cause of our own problem. The issue of having a Personal Assistant to Assistant Secretary of John Doe is ridiculous.   The earlier the Judicial reforms and creation of new courts systems the better for us.

We are spending more than we can afford. Our economy is the fastest growing in the world, yet we are still in a dilemma. Out unemployment rate stands above 80%. Poverty rate is outrageous. The last I checked, no jobs. The government is not creating jobs, yet we spend more than any country in the world. Nigerians are frustrated and disappointed. We need a revolution against our political system. Not prayers. We have been praying since Genesis and no revelation. We need to stand up. This problem is getting worse.


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