Chimamanda Adichie disagrees with Buhari on Nigeria Governance

“He had an opportunity to make real reforms early on, to boldly reshape Nigeria’s path. He wasted it,”

The largest cities in Nigeria: ranked 1 to 10.

List of largest cities in Nigeria is different from the list of most loved cities in Nigeria

Ankara Dresses, Prints, Latest Fashion Trends

It started as a movement in Africa, Ankara, the African prints has become the latest fashion trends in the globe. Ankara Inspired by the locals and designers in Africa has become the next big thing. Osas eye brings you a collection of the best Ankara dresses

Who will bring back Nigeria’s lost girls?

If Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan can free the missing girls, he would have done it before now. He can't. He failed

African Clothing, Traditional Men's Fashion Styles

African wear continues to rock the fashion trend. From Nigeria to South Africa, Osas eye gives you look at some of the jaw dropping traditional wear by African designers for men

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pastor's Penis has "Sacred Milk": The Real Story

Brazilian Evangelical Pastor Valdeci Sobrino Picanto claimed his milk extract from his penis was sacred. He claimed the Holy Spirit is secreted from his penis in the form of sacred milk. Valdeci has been arrested and sent to jail.

Pastor's Penis has "Sacred Milk":

"He has convinced us that only God could come into our lives through our mouth and that's why he would do what he did". Often, after worship, pastor Valdeci would take us to where the funds were kept at the back of the Church and asked us to have Oral sex with him until the Holy Spirit would come through ejaculation". This is the testimony of one of his victims.

When was the last time you read your bible. Remember the passages of false prophets or a weak faithless victims.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

African Innovators Prize 2014: Apply Now

The African Innovation Foundation (AIF) announced the call for entries for the 2014 Innovation Prize for Africa. The prestigious Prize that started annually since 2012, aims at encouraging innovations that contribute to sustainable development in Africa. The winning submission will be awarded a prize of USD 100’000, with two additional USD 25 000, one for the runner up with an innovation with the best business potential and the other one for the runner up with the innovation with the best social impact.
African Innovators Prize 2014

In an effort to drive African-led development, the IPA invites African entrepreneurs and innovators to propose projects that unlock new African potential under one of five categories which include: 1) agriculture and agribusiness; 2) environment, energy and water; 3) health and wellbeing; 4) ICT applications; and 5) manufacturing and services industries.
The best way to predict the future is to create it! The Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) is
committed to building a promising future by investing in Africa’s capacity is to cultivate
local innovation and entrepreneurship. Creating African-led solutions to every day
challenges is critical to sustaining and expanding Africa’s economic growth.

The IPA invests in Africa’s greatest resources – its human capital, and encourages
Africans to develop creative ways to overcome everyday challenges. The prize mobilizes
African innovators and entrepreneurs by providing USD 150,000 to winners who deliver
market oriented solutions for African-led development.

In 2012, the IPA winner, Prof Mohamed Sanad, received USD 100,000 for creating a
lightweight antenna that leapfrogs current solutions to provide better mobile access.
IPA 2013 winner, AgriProtein, uses fly larvae to produce protein for animal feed. These
are practical solutions that make a profound difference in people’s lives. 

The deadline is 31 October 2013
To apply as one of the greatest African innovators go to

Monday, July 29, 2013

BMW i3 electric car: Official unveiling

BMW launched on Monday via live broadcast on three continents with the official unveiling in London, New York and Beijing, the i3 electric car.

BMW i3 electric car

The i3, a four-seat all-electric car designed to service the needs of the urban commuter weighs just 1,195 kilograms. The i3 BMW uses eDrive. The electric car runs from rest to 100km/h in 7 seconds. A fully charged i3 takes 3hours using 30 amp, 220volt wall mounted charging box. BMW's first all-electric car will be released in Germany and other European markets in November 2013. The market launch of the BMW i3 in USA, China, Japan and several other markets will take place in the first half of 2014.
BMW i3 electric car: inside, price, pictures

The starting price stands at $42,275, which includes a $925 destination charge but doesn’t factor in federal or state electric vehicle incentives.

The £3,000 Nigerian cash bonds for UK visas - What is it

UK’s office confirmed on Monday it will demand a £3,000 ($4,630) refundable bond for visas from visitors of six former colonies in Africa and Asia -Nigeria, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.

£3,000 Nigerian cash bonds for UK visas

Immigration, legal and illegal, is a sensitive political issue in Britain, especially with the unemployment and austerity measures brought on by the economic crisis. It was a big issue in his election campaign and he has pledged to cut net immigration from 252,000 a year in 2010 to below 100,000 a year by 2015.

The statement sent by email did not say when the pilot program would start but many newspapers claim the trial period for the scheme will start in November. What it means that starting from the tentative date visitors or tourists from the six countries, under high risks, will be asked to pay a £3,000 cash bond in return for visitor visas. The visitor visas will allow them to stay in the UK for up to six months. 

''How can someone who wants to visit the U.K. for a couple of days for business meetings or something else afford to set aside 3,000 pounds.He will simply prefer to go and do business elsewhere in Europe instead of getting into this problem of giving a bond and getting reimbursed.” Pakistani computer businessman Syed Shahid Ali said
The Home Office statement said the visa bond “is the next step in making sure our immigration system is more selective, bringing down net migration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands while still welcoming the brightest and the best to Britain.”

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Munachi Abii Chizy's Spyware Magazine Cover: Talks about New Stylist

Munachi Abii Chizy's Spyware Magazine Cover
Munachi Abii appears on front cover of Chizy's Spyware Magazine second edition. Munachi Abii makes it to the front cover of yet another magazine and she talks about her new stylist Sharon Ojong.

Munachi Abii Chizy's Spyware Magazine Cover and interview

Munachi Chizy's Spyware Magazine Interview: The former beauty queen and rapper talks about celebrity, stylist, holiday get away and childhood crush. 
The magazine is available for purchase in Nigeria, in some UK stores and available for online download and subscription at

Read the full Q & A With MUNACHI
Q: Who was your first male crush?
A: Michael Jackson

Q: What was you nickname as a child?
A: Ochonma.

Q: When was the last time you took public transport?

A:  Last year, but it was a cab

Q: When was the last time you said “do you know who I am”?
A: I never have

Q: The beauty product you cannot do without?
A: Lux

Q: The Perfect holiday for you would be?
A: A holiday in Maldives Island with my loved ones.

Q: I feel sexiest dressed in?
A: High heels

Q: Waking up early to me means?
A: 9:00am
B: 11:00am
C: 5:30am  
D: 7:00am

Chizy Spyware: Your fans have noticed your wardrobe change recently; do you have a new stylist?
Munachi Abii: Yes I do, Sharon Ojong is my new stylist

Chizy Spyware: What do you miss about not being a celebrity?
Munachi Abii: I do not consider myself a celebrity; I am just a regular person.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

ASUU strike winding down, latest updates

The ongoing ASUU national strike in Nigeria is finally winding down. The Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Pius Anyim, will meet on Monday with the leadership of the Acadmic staff union of Universities, ASUU, to address the two remaining issues: earned allowance and general university funding for infrastructure development.

ASUU strike latest updates

Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue disclosed this to news correspondents on Friday in Abuja after a meeting of ASUU with members of the committee on implementation of Needs Assessment Report to Nigerian Universities.

He said that after hours of deliberation behind closed doors, the meeting agreed on major issues except the two.

“These are the outstanding issues, otherwise other issues have been agreed on and we believe that by next week we should be able to agree on all the issues and, probably, ASUU will call off the strike,’’ he said.

“If you go into our universities you will agree with me that there are a lot of infrastructure deficit; so, we have agreed that all the funding agencies will meet with ASUU,” he said.

The current strike by the university lecturers will enter its fourth week on Monday, with the lecturers insisting they would not return to work unless the government agrees to implement all the content of a 2009 agreement both parties had.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Latest Ankara handbags and Purses

Latest Ankara handbags
Osas eye presents a wide selection of women's designer handbags, purses, shoes and jewelry to match with the last post on Ankara Dresses, African Prints and the Latest Fashion Trends. Browse the newest styles from your favorite designers, personal collections and the latest trend.
Latest Ankara handbags

Ankara handbags and African prints

Best ankara bags and purses

African bags made from Ankara and Kente

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nigerian clause that allows child marriages

Nigeria begins child marriages by enacting and enforcing an a constitutional clause that re defines the age of majority at which Nigerians can renounce their citizenship.

Nigeria start child marriages

 The clause specified that females should be considered fully of age regardless of their actual age if they are married. The amendment initially passed was reconsidered and voted down because it conflicted with Islamic law.

Currently child marriage is still banned under Nigerian law.

Ike Ekweremadu, deputy leader of the Senate, said at a press briefing in Abuja: "I want to appeal to Nigerians to please show understanding, to possibly read this section and understand that the issue has nothing to do with early marriage.

"Essentially, it has to do with the renunciation of citizenship. So you have to give it a proper perspective. I want to assure them that in the future, we are ready to revisit it if Nigerians feel strongly about it.

British royal baby: Facts, Fever and Name

A few facts about the British royal baby. Since Kate's pregnancy was announced, the world waited in suspense until the moment the royal baby was born.The world and Britons gather for the the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton to give birth. They waited and got their rewards. The Royal baby was born. It was a boy. The world rejoiced as the Duchess of Cambridge, and husband Prince William welcomed their first child Monday. The baby boy was born at 4:24 p.m., weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces.
"We could not be happier," said Prince William, according to the Kensington Palace source.

British royal baby: Facts, Fever and Name

Kate delivered at St Mary's Paddington, which is also the hospital where William and his brother Harry were born. She was assisted by two gynecologists, Marcus Setchell and Alan Farthing.

The official announcement of the birth was signed by the medical staff and followed by 41 gun shots echo through London.

There was no immediate name for the royal baby. The world wasn't expecting an immediate name. William was only after a week so named Charles after a month. The bookmakers had pointers on Alexandra and George. A day later, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named their son George Alexander Louis. The last British King to named George was George VI - Queen Elizabeth's father and the newly named Prince George's great great grandfather.The Queen's second name is Alexandra - the female equivalent.

This Royal child is the third in line to the British throne (after Charles and William).

Nigeria to Host World's Top Young Entrepreneurship Global Challenge

Nigeria is to host the 2013 World Students' Global Entrepreneurship competition in Abuja on Aug. 6- 12. The president of the Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE), Agwu Amogu, said Nigeria edged out Ukraine and South Korea to win the hosting rights.
Nigeria to Host World's Top Young Entrepreneurship Global Challenge
The competition, now in its 11th edition, is tagged "The SAGE World Cup".
The SAGE mission is to create the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders

"The SAGE mission is to create the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders whose innovations and social enterprises are to address the major needs of our global community," he added.

"It engages young people in hands-on learning process on how to create wealth and also on how to help others and their communities, " he said.

"This is an honor and opportunity for Nigeria and Africa, as some of the world's brightest young people will come to Nigeria and experience Africa's business environment, culture and hospitality," Amogu added.

He said SAGE was a transnational social movement initiated to create a conscious effort to galvanize the enormous creative energies and resources in the world to eradicate poverty.

The program will also help to make future dreams come true for Nigerian young people by teaching them entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills needed to be successful.

"We are expecting approximately 30 delegates of secondary school champion teams from USA, South Africa, Canada, Ukraine, South Korea, Britain, Uganda, Ghana, and Zambia," he said.

Other delegates being expected are Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Russia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, China, Jamaica, Ireland, Burundi and Liberia.

Amogu said the teenage entrepreneurs from across the world would showcase their innovative business and community service projects to a panel that would determine the team most creative in entrepreneurship.

He said the competition would highlight each country's SAGE team culture while their embassies in Nigeria would perform songs, dance and make multimedia presentations and exchange arts and crafts.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Half of a Yellow Sun" Trailer Is Awesome

Could an amazing book finally result in an amazing movie. The Half of a Yellow Sun' trailer 2013 starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thandie Newton and John Boyega premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. No release date yet.
 "Half of a Yellow Sun" Trailer Is Awesome
The film Half of a Yellow Sun is based on the best selling and multiple award winning novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The movie follows twin sisters Olanna and Kainene as their lives are dramatically changed by the events of the Biafran War. As the trailer shows, it was an extremely tumultuous time. Weddings were interrupted by bombs going off. Along with the violence and destruction, the sisters also face personal troubles with their respective lovers.
 "Half of a Yellow Sun" Trailer

Watch the trailer Half of a Yellow Sun

Celebrities Who Love Urban Fashion

Urban fashion is a popular and current trend that is a mixture of casual, spiced up with a bit of chic, that is a favourite amongst some of the world’s most popular and talented black artists. The urban fashion roots back to the days when hip hop and RnB took the world by storm, and ever since has made a mark in the fashion industry. Back in the days when urban fashion was put together through ‘street clothes,’ nowadays, celebrities tend to spend a lot more money with designer labels to create the look. If you are looking to flaunt the urban look to perfection with little expense, you can find some great ways to accessorize your urban look checking out second-hand websites for some great deals. Here we can have a look at some of the world’s top black artists that are flaunting the stylish urban look.


Rihanna has to be one of the most recognisable names in the music industry, and it’s not only her music that makes her stand out amongst the rest of the competition. Rihanna’s style is unique and daring, and has to be one of the most iconic examples of today’s urban fashion. It doesn't matter if she's taking part in events or rocking her own concerts, Rihanna’s fashion choices are certainly a talking point, even causing controversy due to her individuality and daring outfit choices. Rihanna’s clothing reflects in her music and vice versa, completing her hot RNB look. Let's not forget Rihanna's recent collaboration with River Island to inspire a recent clothing collection, check it out now!

Celebrities Who Love Urban Fashion

Kanye West
Taking a look at how the men make up the urban look, no one is a better example than Kanye West, who is a high roller when it comes to the street look. Kanyes popularity and his choices of clothing have a made a big impact in both the music and fashion industry, with him even creating his own clothing line. Kanye also mixes elegance with hi urban style, creating a unique and individual look. His accessories are important and you will often see him sporting baseball caps, jewellery and stylish retro sunglasses.

Kanye West and Celebrities Who Love Urban Fashion

Rita Ora
Being fairly new to the seen, Rita Ora has certainly made an impact in both the music and fashion industry with her fun creations and styles. Rita enjoys dressing boyish and ghetto, but also spicing up her style with feminine accessories. Rita is all about the sneakers and would rather wear a comfortable pair than high heels when performing. A lot can be said for a person with how they dress, as it highlights individual personality and traits. Rita is fun, and so is her dress sense. 

Rita Ora and Celebrities Who Love Urban Fashion

Stylish, sexy and sleek, no one knows how to mix urban with class better than Neyo. Neyo mixes his urban clothing choices with classy blazers and bling, and his fashion choice is a perfect due to the type of music he produces. Also being able to make some serious shapes when dancing, Neyo is a popular artist who manages to pull of the urban but classy look to perfection.
If you are into the urban look, it’s great to experiment with different types of clothing as there aren’t many rules that come with this kind of dress sense. Have fun and mix it up a little. 
Stylish, sexy and sleek Neyo fashion

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beyonce's hair gets caught in a fan during show in Montreal

Beyoncé gets her hair stuck in a fan during show in Montreal is the joke of the day. The incident occurred during the presentation of the song 'Halo'.
Beyoncé gets her hair stuck in a fan
Singer Beyoncé on Monday night July, 22, during a show in Montreal, Canada while singing, the song 'Halo' needed help from security. Watch the video below.

Royal Baby Photos and First Pictures

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge presented the royal baby to the world media before leaving the hospital. The Royal baby photos and first pictures are posted below. Gently cradled in his mother's arms, Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby was given a befitting welcome by the world press as he left St Mary's Hospital on Tuesday. 

Royal Baby Photos
Prince of Cambridge, Prince William spoke with the reporters who had waited for weeks briefly.

"We've still got to decide on a name," William said to reporters. "We'll let you know as soon as we can."

"We're very emotional," said Kate, dressed in a bespoke cornflower blue crepe de chine dress by British designer Jenny Packham. "It's such a special time."

"He's got a good pair of lungs on him that's for sure," William joked. "He has got Kate's looks thankfully.

"I'll remind him of his tardiness when he's a bit older," he told the assembled media. "I don't know how long you guys have been here now, hopefully the hospital can get back to normal."
Prince of Wales

Royal Baby Photos and First Pictures
Michael Francis Middleton, father of the Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, on his arrival at St. Mary's Hospital in London (United Kingdom) for the eldest son of the Duke of Cambridge, today, Tuesday July 23, 2013

Read more here:
Michael Francis and Carroll Middleton

Catherine and William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Royal Baby first Photos

Royal Baby images first Pictures

 first Photos of royal baby

Royal Baby name first Photos/Pictures

Monday, July 22, 2013

10 Pictures of Lady Gaga Naked

Lady Gaga super naked pictures turns the joke of the day. The singer appeared in a nude photo, sitting on a stool, with her hair extremely messy, and covering her garden with her hand. The image is part of a rehearsal for the fashion magazine V Magazine, and this picture above is the one that will be on the cover of next month.
 Lady Gaga Naked

The photo was taken and released by photographers Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin via Instagram
10 Pictures of Lady Gaga Naked

Nigeria's Most Beautiful 2013: Anna Banna

Nigeria's Most Beautiful 2013

Not surprising, this year's Nigeria's Most Beautiful Woman feels very young at 18. Anna Ebiere Banna, from Bayelsa State has emerged the winner of the 26th edition of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, 2013.
Nigeria's Most Beautiful 2013: Anna Banna
Most beautiful woman in Nigeria

She was crowned at the Banquet Hall, Yenagoa by the outgoing 2012 winner Isabella Ayuk after holding of 31 other contestants from different states.

Banna, one of the youngest winners of the crown since its inception, will now represent Nigeria at the Miss World pageant holding in Jakarta, Indonesia later this year.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

José Mourinho declares himself 'the Godfather'

Jose Mourinho says he is "the Godfather" of English football on his Chelsea return, following the resignation of Sir Alex Ferguson
José Mourinho calls himself 'the Godfather'
Mourinho the Godfather
The former Real Madrid Manager gave the full press conference with the English media and said that from now on he's to be called the Godfather.

 "Maybe now I'll be the Godfather.I'm One of those who spent more time in football. I won every competition in English football and I think I'm the only champion of Champions. So maybe I have a little more responsibility on my shoulders. I have to be an example for everyone in terms of behavior and support, be there for everyone when they need me, " Mourinho the coach of the blues.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Funke Akindele and Husband Divorce confirmed

Funke Akindele and husband Keyinde Oloyede Divorce confirmed .The announcement has been confirmed by both the actress and her huaband after a mutual understanding.

Funke Akindele and Husband Divorce confirmed

Kehinde Oloyede's statement as released on his Facebook account is

“It’s with heavy heart that am announcing the separation of me and my wife Mrs olufunke akindele, we’ve both agreed to go our separate ways because of irreconcilable differences. We are still best of friends and we forever remain good friends. Am doing just fine, getting along without you, don’t need you anymore in my life. You are the greatest mistake I have made in recent time."

Funke confirmed the statement through her principal consultant

Dear Friends,

On behalf of our client, star actress, Funke Akindele, we want to formally inform you that after due consultation and consideration, she’s now separated from Mr. Kehinde Oloyede as his wife. She hereby urges her fans and all concerned to pray and wish her the best as she moves on in her career. Kindly note that this is the first and only official statement from Funke Akindele on the matter and will be glad if her wish is respected.

Thank you.
Sincerely yours,

Ayo Ola- Muhammed,

Principal Consultant

Friday, July 19, 2013

Dubai offers gold as a reward for weight loss

The Government of Dubai will reward 1g of gold for every pound lost in 30 day challenge.The government's concern regarding obesity and weight gain is getting worse and hope this campaign that rewards people with gold for every pound they lose will help solve the health issues. 
Dubai offers gold as a reward for weight loss

Participants need to lose more than two pounds to get the prize. Those interested can apply from this Friday on Your Weight in Gold program, which should last about a month. The three people who lose the most weight will go into a draw to win a gold coin valued at U.S. $ 5400 (about U.S. $ 12,000).
 "What else, lose weight, gain more gold," said Hussein Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality. 
The only problem is that the campaign coincides with the fasting month Ramadan. Sorry, only citizens of UAE can participate.

Obama speaks on Trayvon Martin: Video

Emotional Barrack Obama speaks on Trayvon Martin case for Eighteen minutes. Obama said Friday during an unexpected appearance in the press room of the White House that "Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago"
                                Obama speaks on Trayvon Martin: Video
Watch the video as President Barrack Obama speaks on Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin Family Balancing Grief, Racism

Trayvon Martin's family at a loss explain for the first time since George Zimmerman was acquitted five days ago. The Parents spoke out on Thursday, July 18, before the cameras of the "Today show "on NBC. Expressing their disappointment after the verdict, the father of the young African American teenager reaffirmed his belief that the case had a racial character.
Trayvon Martin Family speaks out

"We are still in shock and disbelief" at the verdict, they said. "I think if Trayvon was white, nothing would have happened. Evidently, race played a role somewhere, "insisted the father of Trayvon.

George Zimmerman, 29, was acquitted Saturday night after a trial of several weeks. He was accused of murder on February 26, 2012 at Stanford, Florida (southeast), Trayvon Martin, a black 17-year-old walking down the street unarmed. Zimmerman, who was a volunteer vigil in his neighborhood, said he acted in self defense. "I think if Trayvon was white, nothing would have happened. Evidently, race played a role somewhere," insisted the father of Trayvon, Tracy Martin. To his wife Sybrina Fulton, the judicial system "has some way betrayed Trayvon".

Asked about a possible message to convey to the six members of the jury - five white women and one Hispanic - Tracy Martin replied: "I do not understand how you can let a child murderer unarmed be free in the Nature. What was your verdict if it were your child? "he started."I want them to put in our place." Whether he wanted for prosecution at the federal level against Zimmerman, or if it were to attack civilian, the father of the young Martin replied: "We would like the Federal government to look at the case and consider all options. We just think, as parents, that something more could be done. "

Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin continued on the rounds of three major television networks in the United States, ABC, NBC and CBS and participated in their morning shows.

"I never thought that these women had the audacity to not punish the man who killed my son," said Fulton on the 'Today' on NBC. Soon after, in the CBS studios, the woman said she and her husband have always been convinced that the 'vigilante' serious Hispanic convicted . "At least they recognized it was manslaughter," said Fulton."My son was a quiet boy, cheerful, a friend of his friends," the father said on CBS studios.  "we will never understand how the jury came to the conclusion that it did . It's impossible to consider that was fair. "

Recharge Phone with urine

Ioannis Ieropoulos, Bristol University research scientist, reported in the latest issue of the journal of Chemical Physics who managed to  use the power of urine to recharge cell phones enough for texting, using the internet and a short call.
Recharge Phone with urine

"Using a waste product as a source of electricity is remarkable. We are very excited because this is the first time you get this, "said Ioannis Ieropoulos researcher team.

They claimed that the technology of microbial fuel cells produce electricity directly allow for the degradation of organic matter.

Scientists said that this form of power generation is part of the development of very low cost fuelsor even free.

"Making a call is the operation that requires more energy than a phone, but we'll get to the point where we can charge the battery for long periods," said Ieropoulos

Pope Francisco on Cover of Time Magazine, Again

For the second time since being appointed pope this year, Pope Francisco is on the cover of the international edition of Time magazine.
Pope Francisco on Cover of Time Magazine

Pope Francisco appears in the cover of Times magazine that will be released next Monday, with the title "Pope of the people. " The article highlights the role of the new pope, the fight against poverty and the possible changes in the Vatican. Controversy over the horns of the pope on the cover is making headlines across Europe. The letter M behind the pope makes a horn figure which has sparked outrage among faithfuls who took to social networks to express their feelings . They say that the publication makes the head of the Church seems Satan .
Cover of Time Magazine
The cover story also features “After Trayvon,” The article focuses on the effects of the verdict on a nation with a black President that has yet to fulfill his post-racial promise. The trial may have ended, but its repercussions have only begun.
                                              Time cover story also features “After Trayvon,

The night that a Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman of killing Travyon Martin, Otis Moss III, the pastor of Barack Obama’s old Chicago church, Trinity United Church of Christ, sat down to talk with his son after watching the verdict. “Daddy, am I next?” asked his 12-year-old.

It is a haunting question that parents across the country are grappling with in the wake of Martin’s tragic death. It comes just a month before the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington. As the poet Maya Angelou put it, Martin’s death and its aftermath had a collective effect. “What is really injured, bruised, if you will, is the psyche of our national population,” she says. “We are all harmed. We are all belittled.”

Thursday, July 18, 2013

"To keep a man, treat him like a dog" Says Minaj

Nicky Minaj shares her relationship tips by stating that "Men like independent women," In addition she also believes that "they want to be treated like dogs."

"To keep a man, treat him like a dog

The 30 year old singer's words has caused controversy on both sides of the relationship lounge. But the question remains how can you keep a man? Do you agree with Nicki. Join the discussion by leaving a comment.

Michael Adebolajo attacked in Belmarsh jail

Woolwich suspect and British born Nigerian Michael Adebolajo accused of murdering Drummer Lee Rigby outside Woolwich Barracks has been attacked inside the HMP Belmarsh prison by fellow inmate Wednesday.
Michael Adebolajo attacked in Belmarsh jail

A spokeswoman said: “The police are investing an incident that took place at HMP Belmarsh on July 17.

“It would be inappropriate to comment while the investigation is ongoing.”

Adebolajo is accused of hacking Fusilier Rigby to death together with Michael Adebowale, 22, near Woolwich Barracks in south east London on May 22.

The pair are expected to stand trial on November 18.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nelson Mandela is 95

South African national hero Nelson Mandela is 95 years old today. People around the world wants to get involved in the "International Nelson Mandela Day" in honor of Mandela. That his birthday and international day is hyped up this year, is due to the fact that it will probably be his last for the critically ill South African freedom fighter and Nobel Peace Prize winner.
                                 Nelson Mandela birthday

Happy Birthday Madiba!
 Nelson Mandela is 95 years old

Millions of children and young people sing at their schools by 8am Happy Birthday - and many radio stations play the song at that time.
Nelson Mandela famous quotes

The South Africans are encouraged to use 67 minutes of their time to a good cause. In appreciation for the 67 years that Nelson Mandela fought for freedom and peace.