Sunday, May 26, 2013

Girl, stabbed to die and burnt alive by boyfriend

The girl had not returned from school since Friday. Her boyfriend confessed after a long police interrogation that he was very jealous. He stabbed Fabiana Luzzi to die and burnt her alive. The 16 year old boy Dominic from Corigliano, Italy confessed to killing his girlfriend, 16 with a knife during an argument and had then burned the corpse."She was still alive when I set her on fire. " revealed Dominic.
Girl, stabbed to death and burnt alive
Girlfriend stabbed to death and burnt alive

 The crime took place Friday. On that same day the boy presented himself to the hospital for burns to his face. The police became suspicious and began to question him. He is known to be a bully. 

The murder weapon has not been found.


  1. That's barbaric. No matter what the girl might have done. The guy's action is now worth it.

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