Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Obama Visits Africa, Avoids Nigeria

US president Barack Obama is set to make a one week visit to Africa. It will be the second time that Obama avoids Nigeria in his visits amidst Boko Haram concerns. According to the statement from the White House Press Secretary, President Obama and the First Lady will visit Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania from June 26 - July 3.

Obama visits Africa, Avoids Nigeria

President Obama also avoids his fatherland Kenya. He has not visited since he became the US president. The last time the US president visited Kenya was in 2006 when he was a senator.In 2009 when the president visited Africa,it was widely expected that he would visit Kenya, but the president avoided the trip to the country, instead heading to Ghana.

Political and diplomatic analysts see the Presidents avoidance of Kenya as deliberate move to reiterate the US stand on the Hague issue and a number of other issues.It is not yet clear whether any Kenyan government official has been invited to the neighboring Tanzania during the US president's visit.


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