Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mother of Baby Flushed Down Toilet: 'It Was An Accident'

The mother of the newborn baby that was flushed down the toilet speaks out for the first time to the police. The single mother of 22 years and whose name is Weibo, admitted to the police two days after the rescue that she had given birth to the baby in secret because the father of the baby rejected the pregnancy. He had told her have an abortion which she refused because she had no money to pay.

Mother of Baby Flushed Down Toilet

Instead, she kept her pregnancy a secret, wearing baggy clothes and sticking the belly inside. Weibo claims that the child fell in the toilet by accident, when she gave birth. According to local media, the mother says it was the house-shared bathroom on the fourth floor of the building when she began to feel abdominal cramps, having given birth. The baby will have fallen down the drain and she could not do anything about it.

Authorities found bloody towels and toys in the room of the woman, who underwent a medical examination and confessed to having given birth to the child, known as "Baby 59."

Pujiang police confirmed that the case appears to be "an accident"


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