Friday, July 12, 2013

Horror in Festival as bull smashes man

The most dangerous day of the festival of San Fermin 2013 and the sixth confinement in northern spain left three injured as a bull smashes three men and left them in trauma.
Horror in Festival as bull smashes man
Seen in this picture is 31-year-old resident of Castellon who suffered from three deep wounds in both legs and is in intensive care. He was attacked by a 600 kg bull during the San Fermin running in Pamplona. It is now recorded as one of the most dangerous races in years

Two of the riders who have been injured after the sixth running of the San Fermin festival, bulls starring Pilar, have been discharged, while the other five, three of them wounded bull horn, are admitted.

According to information provided by the Government of Navarra, the three gored in confinement on Friday were admitted at the Hospital of Navarra and have already undergone surgery for multiple fractures, removal of spleen and spinal cord injuries. The three injured by the bull are stable after being operated


  1. What type of race is this huh huh.
    Dangerous...really dangerous