Thursday, August 22, 2013

And the best car to have sex is?

The question keeps coming back and forth. Have you had sex in the car before? Do you know the best car to do it. You try to escape the response because you don't know the answer. Research finds it is best to have sex in the car. You want to know the answer,  so you ask osas eye to decipher the code of the best car to have sex. Look no further and here it is?
the best car to have sex

In an interview with Anna Mucha she said,

"I have just learned that the Mercedes E Class station wagon has been recognized as the best car to have sex. Such knowledge can sometimes be useful to shine. Apparently the choice of this car, because it combines the elegance and comfort needed for the occurrence of this situation. It is combo, so you can use it. Unfortunately, I have not been in that car, but it can still come back to this topic. In my view, an advantage is German precision, security and heated seats."

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