Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nigeria's Next Hot Music Producer Ebony “Wondagirl” Oshunrinde

Producers have always played a crucial role in the music industry but at just 16 years-old, Canadian-Nigerian producer Ebony “Wondagirl” Oshunrinde is already making a name for herself as Nigeria's Next Hot Music Producer. The 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' Producer is currently working on a beat for Drake. She is the youngest female producers to have a credit on a platinum-selling hip-hop album. 
Nigeria's Next Hot Music Producer Ebony “Wondagirl” Oshunrinde
Nigeria's Producer Ebony “Wondagirl” Oshunrinde

“I made a beat one day and I emailed it to Travi$ Scott and he said he was going to add some stuff to it,” recalls Oshunrinde. “But when he was in the studio with Jay Z, he showed it to him and Jay liked it.” It was this beat, which samples reggae artistSizzla’s “Solid As a Rock,” that became the backbone of “Crown.”
“I notice that a lot of people will go on my Twitter and say ‘Wow I really respect her because she is a female.’ Before all of the beat battle stuff I thought there were a lot of female producers. Now that I am in the industry I see that there are none. It would be great to see more females in the game. You are never too young to just do it."


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