Chimamanda Adichie disagrees with Buhari on Nigeria Governance

“He had an opportunity to make real reforms early on, to boldly reshape Nigeria’s path. He wasted it,”

The largest cities in Nigeria: ranked 1 to 10.

List of largest cities in Nigeria is different from the list of most loved cities in Nigeria

Ankara Dresses, Prints, Latest Fashion Trends

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If Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan can free the missing girls, he would have done it before now. He can't. He failed

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Nigeria celebrates 53rd Independence Anniversary

Potterclay Photography, a creative Nigerian photographer published 53 pictures to commemorate the 53rd Anniversary of Nigeria's Independence Day 2013.
Nigeria celebrates 53rd Independence Anniversary

Potterclay can be reached at 08023833344 or visit Potterclay online

Nigeria celebrates 53rd Independence Day

U.S hails Nigeria's Independence Day

KERRY ON NIGERIA’S INDEPENDENCE DAY. Secretary of State Kerry congratulates the people of Nigeria as they celebrate their Independence Day on October 1.


Office of the Spokesperson

September 30, 2013
Nigeria National Day Message
On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Nigeria as you celebrate your Independence Day on October 1.
A warm friendship connects the Nigerian and American people, reflecting our shared values of democracy, economic growth, security, and respect for human rights and the rule of law. Our partnership is strong because of our people. As the proverb tells us, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
In the coming years, the United States looks forward to going father with Nigeria as we expand education, jobs and opportunity for our people.
On the 53rd anniversary of your independence, I wish all Nigerians a safe and prosperous future

'I Know a Nigerian Star' writing competition

Konnect Africa, the publishers of,an online, pan-African magazine that celebrates Africa and the great achievements of Africans in this era are delighted to announce a first Writing Competition-I Know a Nigerian Star- which opens on 1st October, 2013!!!

Do you know a Nigerian ‘Star’? Then, submit an original article about an individual who is MAD [making a difference] around you: in your community, school, workplace, marketplace, locale or state. It is your turn to have a go at inspiring Nigerians and Africans at large, and celebrating the Stars that you encounter on a daily basis.

Entry Requirements are:

1. Submissions must not be less than 500 words or above 1000 words.

2. It must be the original work of the author and include at least one picture and the contact details of the ‘Star’.

3. Your ‘Star’ cannot include any person(s) already featured on

4. Kindly ensure that your submission is accompanied by a short profile of you.

A Few Tips: Your entries will be judged based on:

Originality, Creativity and the amount of credible information you have about your ‘Star.’ You can thank us later because the judges are:

Ø Alibaba Akpobome: Ace Comedian, Creativity Addict, MC and Writer.

Ø Chika Oduah: Freelance Journalist and Wordsmith.

Ø Bola Essien-Nelson: Blogger and Author of the 'Desperate Naija Woman' Diaries and True Confession.

The First (1st) Prize winner will smile away with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet, while the 2nd and 3rd prize winners will win one A2W Verizon Tab each. In addition, the winning submissions will be published and promoted on

You can’t wait to start writing, yeah? Just be sure to forward your finished product to, with the subject heading, ‘I Know a Nigerian Star,’ on or before Tuesday, 15th October, 2013; [which also happens to be our one year anniversary!!!]. Winners will be announced November 1, 2013, on

*By submitting articles for this competition, candidates give KonnectAfrica.Net the right to reproduce and distribute the article in printed, electronic or any other medium; and to edit as is deemed appropriate, while duly recognising its author.

*This edition of the Competition is only open to those who are resident in Nigeria. Our fans in Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, Somalia etc. should watch out as future editions of this competition will be coming to other countries in Africa soon.

Got any questions? Email us at or connect with us on twitter @konnect_africa and Facebook

Enough talk already! Get writing, and let’s celebrate our Nigerian Stars as Nigeria turns 53!

This Competition is sponsored by Avenues to Wealth, IzyAir Ltd and the Sahara Foundation.

Nigeria. Islamist attacks on school: at least 50 dead

Nigeria. Islamist attacks on the school: at least 50 dead
Over the weekend, the Islamist attacked and shot college students sleeping in their dorms in Nigeria. The
attack was at a college in the north-eastern Nigeria, a region where Islamist rebels had already attacked schools and colleges. assailants broke into the school of agriculture in the state of Yobe and shot about 70 students sleeping in a dorm . Then they rooms where classes are held on fire and evacuated about 1,000 students.

The exact number of victims of the recent bombing according to information obtained by the BBC stands at 50 students. However, Nigerian military in an interview with The Associated Press reported that the army found 70 bodies dead of the student victims and many injured or missing.

Islamist group Boko Haram seeks to overthrow the current government of Nigeria and the creation of an Islamic state. They are the suspect for the attacks.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Interesting Weekend events for Nigeria's Independence Day 2013

Weekend events for Nigeria Independence Day 2013
October First, Nigeria's Independence Day 2013 is just around the corner and Nigerians this weekend have interesting events lined up to mark the 53rd independence day celebrations.

                                       Nigeria Independence  day party and parade

Nigeria Independence Day 2013

Weekend events for Nigeria Independence Day 2013
2Face Idibia Concert in New Jersey
In commemoration of Nigeria’s 53rd independence anniversary, Dana Air is offering air travellers in Nigeria the opportunity to purchase a companion ticket on its existing route network – Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Uyo and Calabar - and get a reward of a ‘freedom ticket’ for travel anytime within the month of October.

Announcing the commencement of the gesture, Mr Obi Mbanuzuo, Dana Air’s head of commercial said, “as our great nation marks its 53rd independence anniversary this October, there is no better way to celebrate than to offer more Nigerians the freedom to fly. This is why we have introduced the freedom ticket initiative to encourage business and pleasure trips for family and friends.

“Starting September 27, 2013, simply buy a Dana Air ticket for yourself and a companion and you will get one ‘freedom ticket’ for travel to any Dana Air destination; the more ‘companion tickets’ you buy online, the more freedom tickets you get! The freedom ticket is valid for travel in the month of October only,” Mbanuzuo stated.

Dana Air currently operates 12 flights daily.

Do you know of any events going on this weekend?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Vice President Sambo's Speech on 53rd Anniversary of Nigeria's Independence

On Friday going into the weekend eve of the 53rd anniversary of Nigeria's Independence day, Vice President Namadi Sambo spoke at the National Mosque Abuja.
Vice President Sambo's Speech on 53rd Anniversary of Nigeria's Independence
"I pray to Allah  to continue to protect our leader, protect our president, to continue to guide him,” and also “to allow peace to reign in Nigeria, to continue to give our leaders the wisdom and the strength to put Nigeria in the right path of progress and development, for all Nigerians to be our brothers’ keeper,” said the Vice President.

Sambo prayed at a special prayer session convened to commemorate Nigeria’s 53rd independence anniversary for the continued guidance and protection of the president and other leaders in the country and for God to give them the wisdom and strength to continue pilot the affairs of the nation in the right path for peace and development.

Measles Outbreak: Northern Nigeria in State of Emergency

Measles Outbreak: Northern Nigeria

Abdullahi Shehu, the Executive Secretary of the Board of Management of primary health Kano has declared a public health emergency due to the outbreak of measles in Kano state, where at least 200 children under 59 months were killed by the measles epidemic in the northern Nigerian state since October last year.

Abdullahi Shehu, the Executive Secretary of the Board of Management of primary health Kano, said the deaths were recorded in the 8000 cases of the disease recorded so far.

"Measles remains the most deadly childhood disease affecting the state and it can be prevented by vaccination," the official said during the closing ceremony of the integrated campaign against measles in 2013 in Kano, the capital of the state.

According to Abdullahi, it is unfortunate that parents and caregivers of children concerned had not been present for vaccination and thus exposing them to the disease.

He noted that the government of Kano State had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the richest man Aliko Dangote Africa and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the revitalization of routine immunization and other services of primary health care in an effort to curb the outbreak.

The training of local vaccinators, technical leaders and state leaders of local communities, which is about to begin, aimed at addressing the challenges facing vaccination in the northern state, does he added.

Up-and-Coming eStreet Innovation make their mark in Nigeria

eStreet is a private, members-only social club dedicated to accelerating your Business, Career & Life successeStreet is Fast Becoming a StartUp creation engine by bringing together Founders, Business Angels, Venture Capitalists, CEOs, Mentors & Advisors to help young & trendy African Rock the World.
eStreet is a private, members-only social club dedicated to accelerating your Business, Career & Life successeStreet is Fast Becoming a StartUp creation engine by bringing together Founders, Business Angels, Venture Capitalists, CEOs, Mentors & Advisors to help young & trendy African Rock the World.

Youth unemployment especially in Nigeria has become a threat to socio-economic peace and stability.
Nigeria has one of the highest rates of youth unemployment (23.9 percent in 2011) in Africa and with jobs scarce and the ever-mounting pressure to earn; many young Nigerians between the ages of 15-24 years (about 30% of Nigeria’s population) turn to cybercrime to earn a living.

“Nigeria is a country where students do not study, workers do not work, ministers do not administrate, and where cunning religious clerics hold the order of the day. However, it is terrific for the future of the country to finally discover a fast growing community of young Nigerians – some of Africa’s finest self-made intellectuals, strategic thinkers & career leaders of struggle who notoriously do not rely on the Nigerian government.” mentioned Dr. A.N Adewole, a respected senior lecturer of the University of Ibadan.

This past year, is focused on addressing the unemployment crisis through Entrepreneurship Development & Supporting Innovation by engaging in expansive regional business plan competitions to select winning proposals by eStreet ‘’Roundtables’’ (StartUps’ Innovation Challenge) and creating access to markets for goods and services for young entrepreneurs – Web Trade. eStreet is also dedicated to providing small grants (ranging from $500 to $3000) to support new ideas from young entrepreneurs and from organizations with creative programmes for supporting Nigerian youth. delivers real world skills like professional development, leadership training, project management, initial capital & funds sourcing initiatives, interactive online content, business blogs, business directory access, mentor-led activities, networking and communication resources to help young savvy people be the CEO of their Careers – fast and free ” said Kunle Oloyede - Director for Brand & Communications Marketing for eStreet Technologies, Inc.

To learn more or become a member of the eStreet Social Business & Career network for free visit for more information. Emails could also be sent to or call the 24/7 eStreet Hotline: +234(0)703-475-0031 (SMS Only).

EbonyLife TV First 100 days: What We've Learned So Far

A week before EbonyLife TV reaches the critical 100-day mark, osas eye takes stock of what's happening at DSTV channel 165 in Nigeria. The press loves to comment on the first 100 days for presidents and governors, how about the launche of EbonyLife TV?

The new cable channel hit the television landscape in Nigeria in July 2013. EbonyLife TV Network premiered to million homes and it has since inspire Africans and the rest of the world on how viewers perceive the continent.

Mosunmola 'Mo' Abuduthe, the 48 year old British born Nigerian has been considered Africa's Oprah Winfrey. Let's take a look at how EbonyLife TV is doing so far.

  • July 1, 2013 EbonyLife is born
EbonyLife TV First 100 days

  • July 9, 2013 EbonyLife TV Launch its first magazine Issue

EbonyLife TV Launch its first magazine Issue
  • August 1, 2013 Forbes confirms Mo Abudu as first woman in Africa to launch a TV channel

Mo Abudu as first woman in Africa to launch a TV channel

  • September 2013: What We've Learned So Far

Since then the introductions of TV drama 'In Love & War,' and shows like Vision from Within , The Spot, Calabar Festival, and Ojo's in the House, the cable channel is running high. 

Have you watched a show at the new TV network? Whats your favorite show? Please leave a comment.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ankara Festival 2013

Ankara Festival Los Angeles

Why men cheat more than women

Why men cheat more than women? Do they really? But women cheat as well? A new US study suggests that men are more likely to cheat than women because they have stronger sexual impulses, not weaker self-control.
Researchers note that when men reflected on their past sexual behaviour, they reported experiencing relatively stronger impulses and acting on those impulses more than women did. – Filepic

WHILE concrete evidence is hard to come by, the general consensus is that men – especially powerful men – cheat more than women, researchers said.

And now a new study attempts to explain why: men have stronger sexual impulses than women, but not weaker self-control.

Previous research has shown that men are more likely than women to pursue romantic partners who are “off limits”, the researchers said, but the motivations behind that have been largely unexplored.

“Overall, these studies suggest that men are more likely to give in to sexual temptations because they tend to have stronger sexual impulse strength than women do,” says study author Natasha Tidwell, a doctoral psychology student at Texas A&M University.

“But when people exercise self-control in a given situation, this sex difference in behaviour is greatly reduced,” she said. “It makes sense that self-control, which has relatively recent evolutionary origins compared to sexual impulses, would work similarly – and as effectively – for both men and women.”

Tidwell and coauthor Paul Eastwick, an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin, recruited more than 800 undergraduate students.

In one of the two experiments, participants were first asked to recall and describe an attraction to an unavailable or incompatible member of the opposite sex, and then they answered survey questions designed to measure sexual impulses.

“When men reflected on their past sexual behaviour, they reported experiencing relatively stronger impulses and acting on those impulses more than women did,” says Tidwell.

However, men and women did not differ in the extent to which they exerted self-control.

“Men have plenty of self-control – just as much as women,” added Eastwick. “However, if men fail to use self-control, their sexual impulses can be quite strong. This is often the situation when cheating occurs.”

Findings are published in the journal Personality And Social Psychology Bulletin. – AFP Relaxnews

Hello food lovers try Hellofood Nigeria

Wow- can't wait to return and try the Sharwama. Hello food lovers, Hellofood Nigeria delivers food at your doorstep.
Hello food lovers try Hellofood Nigeria
It's quick and easy. Find online many restaurants of Hellofood in Abuja and Lagos and place your order online. Few minutes later, your food is at your doorstep.
Hellofood Nigeria

Why good women fall for bad men

I came across this article by Charis Wong, a marriage and family therapist who explained fully why good women fall for bad men.

He’s arrogant, rude, a rebel, and may quite possibly have a borderline personality disorder… But yet women fall head-over-heels for the bad guy.
“A lot of women get caught up in this cycle and they can remain in this cycle for the rest of their lives,” said Wong.

Wong says that women who fall for “bad men” often have unresolved issues that make them attracted to these individuals.

“In a normal situation, a woman would be attracted to someone who would make a potential life mate, and father to her future children,” explained Wong.

“However, there are some cases where women may have unresolved childhood issues, and have the tendency to fall for bad boys as a way to deal with these issues,” she said.

Wong says that women from dysfunctional families, whose father had affairs with other women, or women with father issues, who did not get much attention from their father, may also fall into the cycle of dating “bad men”.
Why good women fall for bad men

A distant or emotionally detached man may be a relationship that is considered normal for the woman.

“It is an accustomed and familiar relationship, and when you’re familiar with something, it’s comfortable, and you will become unconsciously attracted to the same sort of man your mother was,” said Wong.

Wong said that low self-esteem is another reason women fall for “bad men”.

“This is when women don’t have a healthy image of themselves. They often do not think that they’re worthwhile to be with a “good guy”, so they settle for the “bad man”,” said Wong.

Wong said that many of these women put the man’s faults on themselves; blaming themselves for his bad behaviour.

“They will think that maybe he is ignoring me because I’m not good enough, so I need to be better,” explained Wong.

“Men who do what they like and rebel and who is not afraid to get into trouble, may seem attractive because they have that seemingly powerful aura. So by associating herself with that person, it makes her feel powerful by association,” she said.

“It almost becomes an obsession or love addiction,” said Wong.

“He becomes an obsession and the focus of your life. You feel like you have no other reason for living and that your role as his girlfriend defines you and that without him, you are nobody,” she adds.

“There will come a point when the “bad man” can’t deal with this, and leaves them. The woman will then move on to the next “bad man” that comes around,” she said.

She also adds that women who are attracted to “bad men” find “good guys” boring and non-attractive.

Wong says that if these women ever date a “good guy” they will end up feeling unsatisfied and bored.

“She will keep trying to sabotage the relationship to “test” him because she doesn't believe that the “good guy” wants her,” said Wong.

“She may even cheat on this “good guy” with a “bad man”, because they feel like the “good guy” will leave her anyway,” she adds.

Wong advices women who realize that they’re in this unhealthy cycle to seek help from a therapist.

“Once you’re aware that you have predisposition to go out with “bad men”. Ask yourself if you’re ready to break this cycle and visit unresolved childhood issues,” said Wong.

“You have to be ready to take that step, even though it may seem scary,” she added.

Charis Wong is a marriage and family therapist and the director of Kin & Kids, a marriage, family and child therapy centre.

50 years in Prison for former dictator Charles Taylor

50 years in Prison for former dictator Charles Taylor

The Special Court for Sierra Leone has confirmed the 50-year sentence for former Liberian President Charles Taylor.This judgment was announced on Thursday by the Appeals Chamber of the Dutch resident in Leidschendam, near The Hague Special Tribunal.

Judge Taylor , the Appeals Chamber affirmed the sentence of 50 years in prison and order the punishment to be implemented immediately. The defense asked for an acquittal for Taylor(65) who denies the allegations of any involvement during the civil war in Sierra Leone where about 120,000 people died.

Chinese man has nose on forehead

In China, surgeons have grown a nose on the forehead of a Chinese man. The bizarre act is due to a promising reconstructive surgery in a hospital located in in the city of Fuzhou.
Chinese man has nose on forehead

This new form of rhinoplasty should be used in future large scale in the country after the world premiere. The young man in the picture, a Xiaolian, is only 22 and is the recipient of the first in human experiment.

Almost a year, he suffered from a car accident and lost his nose. The infection from the accident rapidly advancing itself and destroyed the nose cartilage. Thanks to the talent of doctors and advances in medicine who has parts of drawn and gradually cut into the shape of a real nose.

When the new nose is fully developed, it will be implanted in the right place within a few days.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chimamanda Adichie Shares Husband Ivara Esege Photos

Chimamanda Adichie Shares Husband Ivara Esege Photos
Chimamanda Adichie shares husband Ivara Esege photos taken at the Farafina Literary Event in Lagos. The multiple Award winning Nigerian writer is happily married to Ivara Esege, a medical doctor. She describes him as Nigerian, American and British.

Raped girl forced to strip at police station

Raped 14-year-old girl was allegedly asked to strip in front of cops at a police station in Kushinagar district of eastern Uttar Pradesh, India to convince the cops that her allegations of rape were genuine and not concocted.
Raped girl forced to strip at police station

This happened after the initial attempts of the girl's father to get the complaint registered proved futile after he failed to pay Rs 50,000 to the police-the price they allegedly demanded to register the complaint and arrest the accused.

The incident came to light on Tuesday after the family lodged a complaint with the superintendent of police (SP) Kushinagar accusing the police in-charge of demanding Rs 50,000 to register a rape complaint and humiliating the girl and her family for failing to meet his demands. 

As per the complaint, when the family failed to meet the demands of the police officer, he asked the girl to accompany him into a room where he locked the doors from inside and asked the girl to strip saying he wanted to verify if she was raped.

"He took me into a room and closed the door and asked me to remove my clothes," the girl was quoted in the complaint. The police officer also allegedly abused the girl and her parents and chased them away without filing a first information report (FIR).

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nigerian Tenant kills landlord, landlady, sets house ablaze

The Akwa Ibom State Police command has confirmed the incident and released the name of aNigerian man who kills his landlord, landlady before setting the house on fire.

The house is located at Asuquo Eyo Street in Ifa Ikot Okpon in the Uyo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom state. Daughter of the deceased, Ms Emem Akpan, narrated the incident to reporters, saying that the tenant-landlord dispute started when her father asked Ime to move out of his house.

Akpan said that the suspect refused to park out and threatened that if her father insisted on ejecting him, he would kill them and burn down the house.

"We thought what he said was just a mere threat. None of us could believe that Ime was capable of doing what he said. Two days ago, we saw him bringing worn-out tyres into the compound. We didn't know he had a plan".

"Yesterday, before we left for church in the evening, he brought 20 litres of fuel, more than what his generator could contain. I remember a neighbor asking him what he was going to do with such amount of fuel, but he told him that he was going to run the generator overnight".

"This is what we saw this morning as we returned from church, that the fuel and worn-out tyres were weapons used by the assailant to kill my parents," she said.

BlackBerry aggress to be sold for € 3.5 billion

BlackBerry aggress to be sold for € 3.5 billion
Following the decline and death of blackberry, the group announced Monday an agreement has been reached for the acquisition of blackberry by Fairfax Canadian investment funds. Blackberry sells for €3.5 billion.

Just like Miller's Death of a Salesman stems from both his personal experiences and the era in which the playwright was bred. The RIM confers upon itself a blackdeath. Read More about the Death of the Blackberry: Decline, Sale.

Fairfax, its largest shareholder who already owns 10% of the manufacturer of Waterloo, a town south of Toronto, has partnered with a consortium of investors whose identity is not specified to buy the entire capital price of $ 9 per share. An appreciation of 3% at the opening on Monday.

The Board of Directors of BlackBerry "has approved the terms of the letter of agreement under which the consortium," which seeks financing from two banks, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and BMO Capital Markets, "will acquire BlackBerry and stop its listing, "said a statement from BlackBerry. This delisting could occur on November 4.

This purchase is a good deal for Thorsten Heins, CEO of BlackBerry former Siemens, which was given until November to find a buyer.

BBM launch for Android and iOS delayed again

BBM launch for Android and iOS delayed again

BBM was supposed to launch on Android and iOS at the weekend but was cancelled again at the last minute after an unreleased version of the BBM for Android app was posted online

BlackBerry said over a million people downloaded an unofficial version of BBM which somebody posted on the internet.

The head of BBM said this "impacted the system in abnormal ways" and the launch would be delayed by at least a week.

The BlackBerry company is up for sale and could be sold for around £3 billion.

On Friday the smartphone giant said disappointing sales of its BlackBerry Z10 phone had cost it about £600 million.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Photos of Big Girls Unite

Big Girls looking fabulous

DHL Nigeria marked Global Volunteer Day for Children

DHL Nigeria marked Global Volunteer Day by organizing outdoor fun day for children from the Little Saints Orphanage.  DHL Nigeria part of Deutsche Post DHL, the world’s leading postal and logistics group as part of its global drive to give back to local communities had a great day with children from Saints Orphanage.

“DPDHL is passionate about giving back to the community and Global Volunteer Day is a priority for our company. Our project locally is not only aligned to this global enthusiasm and our international goals and approach, but also fits into the national agenda, creating hope for local communities and the people of Nigeria, says Randy Buday, Country Manager, DHL Nigeria.

The day started bright with about 100 DHL employees turning up at the Isolo office premises to set up rides, games, music as well as food and drink serving points for the visiting children. At about 11am, two buses conveying 100 children from the orphanage drove into the DHL compound amidst smiles and cheers from the employees.

The children were first treated to some light aerobic activities before the fun and games began with activities such as singing, dancing, bouncing, sliding and more. The children also enjoyed a wide selection of mouth watering meals as well as cotton candy, ice cream, popcorn and other kiddies favorites. By the end of the day, it was obvious the children didn’t want to leave the little wonderland the DHL employees had created for them.

After the event, one of the children had this to say: “My name is Akinyemi Ephraim George one of the children in Little Saints Orphanage. I really want to use this great opportunity to appreciate the company (DHL) and the manager for their love, care and time spent with the children. I want to say a very big thank you sir and ma and I pray may God continue to bless the company and all the staffs of DHL.”

“At DHL we believe that people are our greatest resource and the company aims to encourage employees to actively participate in community efforts, as well as inspire the spirit of volunteerism,” says Olufunmilayo Glover, Human Resources Manager, DHL Nigeria.

Introduced in Asia Pacific in 2008, Volunteer Day has expanded into Americas, Middle East, Africa and Europe over the years, and continues to build on its success by involving more employees than ever before. In 2012, the initiative was rolled out globally with tremendous success – 62,000 volunteers in about 120 countries and territories participated in more than 1,000 community programs.

For Global Volunteer Day 2013, Deutsche Post DHL offices around the world are participating in many diverse community projects in support of various local causes. These programs deliver to the company’s three Corporate Responsibility programs – GoTeach (championing education), GoGreen (protecting the environment) and GoHelp (delivering help).

“Global Volunteer Day is a key part of our sustainability focus and an integral part of our company’s commitment to deliver its Corporate Responsibility strategy through GoGreen, GoHelp and GoTeach,” comments Randy Buday.

“If we can just make a difference in our local communities; imagine an entire globe full of corporate volunteers banding together. Global Volunteer Day is just that – an international organisation standing together to effect change in the communities that we serve.”

Nollywood Film Mocking ASUU Strike Spreads in Nigeria

Nollywood Film Mocking ASUU Strike

In less than 3 months into ASUU nationwide strike, nollywood have released a movie mocking the strike in Nigeria.

Angered by the federal government's delay in putting an end to the ongoing ASUU strike in Nigeria, Nollywood,, Nigerian movie industry has now produced a film mocking the ASUU strike. The movie has been received wholeheartedly by Nigerians and students who are fed up with the current administration.

Have you seen the movie?

The 12 Hottest Photos Of Chioma Okeke

The 12 Hottest Photos Of Chioma Okeke

Chioma Okeke flaunts her buttocks

Chioma Okeke ass

The 20 Hottest Photos Of Chioma Okeke

The 12 Hottest Photos Of Chioma Okeke

New Photos Of Chioma Okeke

 Pictures Of Chioma Okeke

Chioma Okeke

booty pictures Of Chioma Okeke

 Sexy Photos Of Chioma Okeke

 Photos Of Chioma Okeke
Chioma Okeke is a Nigerian actress widely known as one of the hottest actress in Nollywood. Here are the 20 hottest photos of Chioma Okeke to convince you. Some say she's better than Mercy Johnson, so you agree? Is she Nollywood's most bootilicious actress or miss bum? Leave a comment 

Emmy 2013 Awards Red Carpet Pictures: Kerry Washington, Claire Danes & More

The biggest night in television history brought all the hottest TV stars to the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday night. The 65th Emmy 2013 Awards Red Carpet pictures featured Kerry Washington as one of the best dressed stars. Here are the ladies who rocked the Emmys.
Emmy 2013 Awards Red Carpet Pictures

Emmy 2013 Awards Red Carpet Pictures Kerry Washington
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Emmy Awards Red Carpet Pictures

Emmy  Red Carpet Pictures

Emmy 2013 Awards Red Carpet Pictures: Kerry Washington, Claire Danes & More

What ASUU President Has to Say to Nigerians About the Strike

ASUU strike latest updates

Message from ASUU President

Dear Comrades, As the struggle to save Nigerian University system is being pursued, I'll like to salute all our members for their resoluteness in ensuring that the 2009 ASUU/Government Agreement is implemented in accordance with the Roadmap defined by the 2012 MoU. We believe very strongly that the rot and decay in the University System is not only arrestable but also reversible. We believe even more strongly that, the key to turning round the University System lies in the sincere implementation of the Agreement.

What government has so far been doing is no more than a repeat performance of a one- act-play: all the deceptions, propaganda, lies, mischiefs and such other Shenanigans were tried by previous Governments,
including Military Juntas, but our resolve to save the University System and our Country remained unwaivered.

We will continue to carry the banner of this struggle to its logical conclusion. I urge all our members to maintain the spirit of camaraderie and remain firmly resolute in ensuring that our patriotic struggle succeeds. United we Bargain, Divided we Beg!

Nigerian Universities: ASUU strike over Agreements

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in Nigeria has vowed to continue their strike unless the federal government honours the 2009 agreement with the union. I can't believe the ongoing strike has lasted this much. Sad State of Education in Nigeria.

In a statement signed by its University of Ibadan branch chairman, Olusegun Ajiboye, ASUU renewed its call for the scraping or a total overhaul of the regulatory institution if the nation wishes to get it right in university education management.

While calling on the National Assembly to beam its searchlight on the activities of the NUC, Mr. Ajiboye said the recent NEEDS assessment report on universities reflects how much the commission has failed in its duties as a regulator.

According to him, the report undertaken by genuine academics contradicts NUC’s accreditation exercises which gave ‘controversial’ clean bill of health to most universities through “magomago accreditation.”

The union contended that only in a society like Nigeria would Mr. Okojie still remain in office after being heavily indicted in the report, saying “in sane climes, the NUC boss ought to have resigned through the revelations made in the NEEDS assessment report.”

Mr. Okojie had, last week, absorbed his commission of any wrongdoing in the rot plaguing public universities in the country, particularly as regards undeserved accreditation, blaming members of the ASUU instead.

Mr. Ajiboye, who described the statement credited to the NUC boss as ‘careless’, accused Mr. Okojie of using his cronies who can do his biddings to embark on accreditation.

He said the success of the 2011 elections was based on the patriotic zeal and contributions of genuine and patriotic ASUU members nationwide saying that was why the election was free of hanky-panky recorded in past elections.

The ASUU statement titled ‘Where Okojie Got It Wrong,’ insisted that the NUC boss is fond of using his ‘yes sir’ boys to do hatchet jobs during accreditations, thereby compromising quality most of the time.

The union said its almost three-month-old strike is fully on, adding that the it would not allow itself to be fooled again with ‘promisory notes’ of the federal government which had never worked in the past.

“ASUU cannot be blamed for NUC ‘magomago’ accreditations. Rather than blaming the Union, Okojie should take full responsibility for all the fraudulent deeds in the NUC, including the work and eat accreditations.

“The NUC knows the kind of academics they select for their ignoble exercises. These are cronnies of the big man in the NUC. They can never say no to his biddings. Nigerians should be proud of ASUU in it’s efforts at repositioning public universities in the country. One of these major efforts is the NEEDS Assessment Document.

“This was a product of a rigorous academic exercise carried out by dependable and credible members of our Union. Unlike the numerous faulty accreditation reports which had given these universities clean bill of health, the NEEDS Assessment Report stands out as a classical document of reference detailing the rot and decay in public universities in Nigeria. All well meaning Nigerians can see the contrast between okojie’s ‘packaged accreditation reports’ and a credible job done by ASUU.

“It has become very clear from the Needs Assessment that Okojie and his cohort of accreditors have fooled this country for too long. Enough they say is enough. Time is now for the Government to beam a searchlight on the activities of the NUC.

“The Education Committees in both the Senate and House of Representatives have an arduous task to do here. Nigerians are calling for dismantling of an omnibus body that has done the country more harm than good. NUC must go.

“Professor Julius Okojie cannot absolve himself from the rot in the university system by regulating quantity instead of ensuring quality delivery,”

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Miley Cyrus' Twerking, Crying and Butt-Slapping in Vegas at iHeartRadio Music Festival

Miley Cyrus' Twerking, Crying and Butt-Slapping
 Miley Cyrus won't stop. The 20-year-old controversial pop singer resumed twerking with dwarves on stage at the iHeartRadio music festival in Vegas Saturday night.
Miley Cyrus' Twerking and Butt-Slapping video
 The outfit is hilarious, but what's with the banana Miley? Her twirling tongue disappeared and was replaced by tears streaming down her face as she sung the lyric: ‘You’ll never wreck me.’
Miley Cyrus performance in Las Vegas

Miley Cyrus' with the Kardashians

‘Obama is the coolest person ever. He represents our country well and what we should be representing, something new and freedom and being capable of anything you want to do,’

‘I’m on such a platform where I can speak to so many people and I think it’s important to send a message to my audience, and say be who you are, do what you do, be who you wanna be, live your life and don’t worry about what people have to say about it.’

‘I feel like the best way of fighting my haters is just keep letting them do what they do and don’t let them faze you, just keep doing what you do. Success is the best form of revenge.’

Ramsey, Assist King Ozil helps Arsenal to Top

Man in Form Ramsey and Assist King Mesut Ozil helps Arsenal to top of the English Premier League.
Ramsey, Assist King Ozil helps Arsenal to Top

 "Right now, I really enjoy the football," said Ramsey after by Sky Sports . "I think that one of the biggest advances is seen last season. Now I'm more for the purpose and is now all out. I work hard and hopefully I can continue this progress." 

Also about the match against Stoke City (3-1 win) the Welshman was full of praise. "I think we are playing something else. If we have to go from Stoke is different. Confident in their play came to me as a surprise, they were more football. They had the necessary ball, but I think overall we were given solid and we deserved this win, "concluded Ramsey