Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chinese man has nose on forehead

In China, surgeons have grown a nose on the forehead of a Chinese man. The bizarre act is due to a promising reconstructive surgery in a hospital located in in the city of Fuzhou.
Chinese man has nose on forehead

This new form of rhinoplasty should be used in future large scale in the country after the world premiere. The young man in the picture, a Xiaolian, is only 22 and is the recipient of the first in human experiment.

Almost a year, he suffered from a car accident and lost his nose. The infection from the accident rapidly advancing itself and destroyed the nose cartilage. Thanks to the talent of doctors and advances in medicine who has parts of drawn and gradually cut into the shape of a real nose.

When the new nose is fully developed, it will be implanted in the right place within a few days.


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