Thursday, November 21, 2013

Touching story: Pope embraces man with a disfigured face

The man behind this emotional story is Vinicio Riva (53). He has a genetic disease called neurofibromatosis that covers from head to feet contagious tumors. Earlier this month, Pope Francisco embraced and kissed him during one of his rounds at St. Peter's Square in Rome. The picture of the duo has since been circulated on the web. Osaseye wants you to see the emotional and touching photo of Vinicio Riva.

Touching story: Pope embraces man

The touching story of the man behind the most emotional picture of Pope Francisco.
The man behind the most emotional picture of Pope Francisco

Moving images when the Pontiff gripped his arms were seen around the world. "It was like being in paradise. He did not stop to think whether to hug or not, "Riva said in an interview with the Daily Mail. The brave man described that when the Pope touched him, his heart beat so hard he thought he would die. "No contagion, but he did not know. I just stroked across the face, and when it did I only felt love. " Riva recalled: "He left the altar to visit the sick. He hugged me without a word, but sometimes you can say more without saying anything. " 

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