Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"I ll retire" says Justin Bieber

"I'm retiring," says Justin Bieber interview
Justin Bieber to retire
In an interview with Power 106 radio in Los Angeles, on Tuesday, December 17, Justin Bieber said: "after this new album I'll retire, actually. I'm retiring. "  The announcement has caused tears amongst teenagers around the world including my nephews.
Justin Bieber retire

Justin Bieber, 19, said he will take a step backward in the music industry when his new album, Journals , is released next week.

The singer, who recently caused controversy by exaggerated parties at nightclubs and graffiti on the wall, said he no longer feels attracted by the idea of ​​fame. During the interview he countered the criticism and denied that is increasingly arrogant. Many has since called for the singer to end his career alongside controversial Miley Cyrus. Some believes this is the best news of the year. Do you agree?


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