Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Justin Bieber Announces Retirement Officially

Justin Bieber Announces Retirement in a Tweet
The Christmas message Canadian singer Justin Bieber on Twitter is that he is officially retiring. It was a strange Christmas message from the singer, but not entirely unexpected. Last week he had already talked about retirement. The 19-year-old singer said last week in a radio interview that he would retire on Christmas Eve and he has action to the word. On Twitter, he says goodbye to his Beliebers.

"My beloved Beliebers, today I'm officially retired," said Bieber. After his verdict on Power 106 Justin nuanced his farewell initially still, by saying that he took a temporary break 'for his music to be mature later. Now it looks like he really stops!Justin Bieber Announces Retirement on twitter

Bieber added in a later tweet the reason behind his career ending statement.


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