Saturday, December 14, 2013

COURAGEOUS OR CRAZY? Naked cage Protest at zero degrees

naked protest
 COURAGEOUS OR CRAZY? At temperatures below zero degrees in Munich 63 people stripped naked in protest against factory farming.
Naked cage Protest at 0 degrees
Performance artist Wolfgang Flatz led the activists on Saturday to pose for ten minutes in a three-storey lattice cage on the Tollwood Winter Festival in an attempt to end factory farming.

The unusual art project drew attention to animal welfare. The narrowness which are exposed to many animals leave in the walk-in sculpture "Café Bad Connection" transferred physically and psychologically to people Flatz said. With the appearance of the nude in the cage he wanted to express anguish and indignity.
courageous or crazy protest

 Quite deliberately, no audience should be there during the campaign, said the artist. "That would have led to voyeurism. I wanted the activists do not expose. "Mobilizing people to join in, but was not difficult. Some deliberately traveled to other cities in Germany or Austria.

And the cold does not bother the participants. "I think it's good to combine something meaningful with an art project," said Franziska Luber from Regensburg to the action. Moreover, such a project excite more attention than demonstrations.

The campaign, entitled "The crown of creation" is part of the campaign "Artgerecht: Let the animals as they are!"

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