Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Terrible: Teenager set himself on fire in classroom

17 year old Teenager set himself on fire

A 17 year old student set himself on fire in his classroom in front peers.The young man is hospitalized in serious condition with 30% of the body burned.

The teenager had already announced on his Facebook account that"I never felt so alone in my life. Everyone abandoned me. Already made ​​a decision," he wrote. According to a witness, while on fire, he shouted that his family did not want. It has 30 percent of the body burned and is in serious condition.

The incident occurred Wednesday at 8.30 am at the Holy Family School Los Polvorines party, Malvinas in Argentina where the school, was shaken by a shocking fact: a student sprayed the body with a bottle of gasoline and burned himself

The boy was rescued by his peers and teachers. "The teenager screamed and cried and said her family does not want it," said the portal JusticiaCero a police chief.

According to school spokesperson, the student, identified as Pablo Lommi set himself on fire with petrol and a matchstick.


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