Monday, January 6, 2014

Mystery Lake of Miracles in Nigeria, Cured or Cursed?

Mystery Lake of Miracles in Nigeria

It's a mystery of nature. A traditional or legendary Nigerian story, concerning a sudden spring of water and event with or without a determinable basis of fact. That's the ongoing Myth of a farmland in Enugu State that has been turned into a pilgrimage for healing, deliverance, miracles and curse. 

Osaseye will attempt to solve the riddle of the mysterious lake in Nigeria. It was once a relatively unknown farmland that belongs to Ameke Nachi community in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State. On November 11, 2013 the prophecy, blessing, religious idiosyncrasy, mystery or faith of the dirty filthy lake, began the pilgrimage of miracles, diseases and criticism. 

The lake was alleged to have surfaced and disappeared in the same place in 1992 and has appeared about three times in the last 80 years.
Mystery Lake of Miracles in Enugu Nigeria

Since the appearance of the mystery lake, measuring about 120 to 170 metres in width, thousands of Nigerians, both young and old throng the lake seeking all divine intervention in their lives. For some, it worked according to their faith: The blind saw. The sickness stricken is healed. The lame walked. But for others, it a mere curse of affliction. One that has lead the State Ministry of Health to call it a disaster and an epidermic waiting to happen. "I don’t know what you mean by Miracle Water, although as a Christian, I will not say people should not get a miracle from wherever they want."

"However, from the health perspective, what is happening in Nachi is not the right thing to do. People take their bath in the water; people defecate there, people urinate there, all kinds of sicknesses are brought into that water, yet people fetch and drink the same water. I can tell you that the Nachi Water is a groundwork for [a] disaster waiting to happen."

Nigerian atheist Leo Igwe who has received multiple death threats for his statement of

"Act immediately and prevent the looming epidemic in Nanchi and the surrounding communities."

"Many people are coming from outside Enugu state, so the entire south east is at risk too. The sight of gullible Nigerians zealously swimming in this polluted mystery lake, not minding the filthy nature of the water, is a clear indication of the decadent state of the mind in Nigeria."

"Many people are ready to compromise basic health principles in their quest for miracles. And this is a strong sign of how brainwashed many Nigeria are and have become."

"Many Nigerians are easily swayed by any claim of miracle cure or faith healing in a church or in a mosque, by Muslims or by Christians, from mecca or Jerusalem or India. Many Nigerians hardly ask questions particularly when it comes to issues concerning faith healing and miracles."

"If Nigerians are critical enough, some would surely have wondered how any sick person can be healed by swimming or bathing with the smelly stench water from Nanchi Lake? But many people across the country do not and will not ask questions. The critical faculty of many ordinary Nigerians has been corrupted by the virus of blind faith, dogma and sanctified ignorance."

Business opportunities are booming around the lakeside. Doubts of the two month old mystery lake still exist. People that was helped into it were also helped out. The Christmas present to many is starting to generate a security risk to the public.


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