Thursday, February 13, 2014

Girl 12, Raped by her Uncle was organized by her mother

Girl, 12 Abused by her uncle in Rape organized by her mother

The child Nena told her dad last year how she was raped by her uncle, while participating in a orgy organized by her mom. The shocking incident occurred during the month of October last year, but recently came to light now, with the complaint of the father of the baby.

The girl's father reported the incident and police arrested his ex-wife and brother. The case transpired on Tuesday after Judge Paul Oritja decreed the arrest of the woman, aged 28, a native of the town of Rodeo. His brother, 42, also arrested on Wednesday last week as part of the investigation into the alleged offense against sexual integrity, revealed sources of the case.

The father is separated from the mother since 2005 . The man told police that years ago the woman did not allow him to have contact with his daughter, but in late January came to her and handed her over. It was then that the girl began to live with the father's family and reported she didn't want to go with her ​​mother because her uncle had done something horrible.

She later revealed to her Dad that one night back in October, she was sexually subdued by her mother's brother inside the home they shared, police said according to the complaint. The girl also told it was in the presence of her mother since they were drinking and listening to music. The Uncle threatened her not to tell anyone what happened.


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