Friday, February 21, 2014

Nigeria Mini Skirt Ban: Tight Dresses, Revealing Trousers Banned

Nigeria Mini Skirt Ban: Tight Dresses, Revealing Trousers Banned
Governor Fashola of Lagos state has banned all form of indecent dressing among female public servants in Nigeria. Great news. But what can you wear to work. My Grandmother used to say, when in doubt, wear your church clothes. But! Church clothes are now even shorter and more revealing than work clothes.
                                       Nigeria Mini Skirt Ban: Lagos BANNED SKIRTS DRESSES
The Head of Service listed the new dress code for both female and male civil servants and osaseye is looking forward to reactions and critics of this code. The Head of Service is saying that skirts above the knee should not be worn by public servants, saying that dresses allowed are skirts which are of knee level, moderate slit and not body clinging skirts.If female public servants must wear trousers, such trousers should neither be tight nor revealing and must be worn with a jacket.

Also, gowns to be worn by female public servants must be of knee level, moderate slit, not sleeveless and not body clinging.Also native attires must be worn, they must be worn completely

The dress code for men, administrative officers must wear suit and tie as professionals and other officers could wear wear suit and tie or French suit.Junior and clerical staff are allowed to wear shirts and trousers and French suit while complete native wear is allowed for all cadres of public servants.

As a matter of necessity, all Directors of Finance and Administration are hereby enjoined to ensure that officers within their purview adhere strictly to moderate and decent dressing.

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  1. This is stupid decision by the governor. Aldults today always consider our dressing as bad. Why can't they just leave us alone to dress the eay we want. FUCK YOU! fashola