Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Courageous or Crazy: Naked Yoga Classes

The studio in New York City says that erections during the class do occur, but happen ‘rarely’. Courageous or Crazy?
Naked Yoga Classes
Group classes start at $25 a pop, and one-on-one sessions are available for $135.

Much like in fully-clothed yoga classes, Bold & Naked, co-owned by Joschi Schwarz, and also the instructor said that students should expect for teachers to hand-administer postural corrections. Partner work is also sometimes involved in the classes’ vinyasa flow sequences.
Courageous or Crazy: Naked Yoga Classes

But according to the studio, none of this body-to-body contact is meant as ‘sexual touching and should any contact of sexual nature occur, it will not be tolerated and will result in the offending member being asked to leave.

‘Anyone who has been asked to leave will not be allowed back to attend classes in the future.’

Bold & Naked has actually firmly stated on their site (in capitals, no less): ‘IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN ORGASM, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE.’

To those looking for a peep show, they say: ‘Don’t waste your time. The energy in the room is very clear and members who come to Bold & Naked are very focused on celebrating their bodies through yoga.’

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  1. am no prude but eeeeew....nasty....i have no desire to see peoples this and that all exposed and up in the air and sweaty. That's a bit much. eeeeeewwwww...to each his or her own I guess....yuck.