Friday, March 7, 2014

Isibaya is the most watched South African TV show

Isibaya is the most watched South African TV show

It is the number one most watched television show in South Africa. It is an interesting drama to watch as it keeps you on the suspense and makes you wonder what will happen on the next episode. It also touches about all aspects of South African life how are things are done and how the culture of the people.

Millions of South Africans tune in weekly to watch the show whose gripping story lines and talented cast has kept viewers glued to their screens for months.

Isibaya, which was meant to last only a year has garnered so much support from viewers that the producers have decided to turn the show into a soapie.

“We put all our creative energy into Isibaya in the hopes that it would be a success, but the response has been more than we could ever have imagined, Desiree Markgraaff, Isibaya’s executive producer and managing director of Bomb Production tells DESTINY.

She adds that they are humbled and thrilled that million viewers have enjoyed and favorites the show. He shared some light on how successful and the behind the scene hard work.

“The cast and crew work very hard to try and create exciting drama and stories that entertain and capture people’s imaginations, so it’s very rewarding to receive so much love.

“We try our best to create stories that our viewers will love, cry over, get angry about and care about. Every day we say to ourselves, ‘what are we doing to entertain people tonight? How can we be better?’ So when viewers respond positively, that is the greatest reward,” Markgraaff said.

She explained how viewer feedback helps the directors understand what the viewers want.

“Even when they are angry about a story and tell us, we try and listen and create a twist that will delight and surprise.” Markgraaff adds, “Working with the team at Mzansi Magic, who are passionate about their audience, and have been very supportive and innovative, has been great.”

"We try our best to create stories that our viewers will love, cry over, get angry about and care about."

That is the secret ingredient of South African most watched TV show. A show for the people by the people.

“The biggest expense on a production like Isibaya is people. Making a project like this work requires a big team every day. Work starts at 6am and stops after dark.”

“We are always on the search for that elusive quality that brings a character to life and is magical on screen. You can put a great actor in the wrong role and it flops. It’s about matching the qualities of an actor and role that creates magic,” Markgraaff said.

Isibaya will end on 13 March and will return on 17 of March as a soapie. I invite you to watch an episiode and see why millions South Africans stayed glued to their chairs for an hour to one of the most addictive drama in history.

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