Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Twin bomb blast kills 46 in Jos-Nigeria: many wounded

Twin bomb blast kills 46 near Jos-Nigeria: many wounded

My country Nigeria is going through an extremely difficult time with an outbreak of attacks throughout the country.

The death toll from twin bomb blasts in the Nigerian city of Jos on Tuesday has risen to 46 with another 45 people wounded, Police Commissioner Chris Olakpe said. The explosion occured in the main business district of the central Nigerian city of Jos.

The explosions took place 15 minutes apart from each other, burning several shops, smashing windows and leaving rubble lying around at the scene.

"There was a loud bang that shook my whole house. Then smoke was rising," Jos resident Veronica Samson told Reuters.

"There were bodies in the streets and people rushing injured to hospital in their cars."
No group has said it carried out the attack. However, Jos has seen several deadly clashes between Christian and Muslim groups in recent years.

Islamist militant group Boko Haram has also carried out a spate of recent bombings.

A spokesperson for the regional governor told AFP news agency that most of the victims were women. The market and bus terminal are part of the commercial centre of Jos.

Journalist Hassan Ibrahim told the BBC that tension was rising in the area, with youths blocking some roads. Religious leaders are appealing for calm.

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