Saturday, June 14, 2014

How Sanusi can stop Boko Haram's Rise

How Sanusi could stop Boko Haram's Rise
Nigeria’s northern emirs and sultans are still among the most powerful leaders of the country. For centuries before the British imperialists arrived in Nigeria, the emirs ruled as kings. Today they hold both spiritual and vocal power in the country. They act as peacemakers, rally public opinion, preserve religious tradition, and endorse political candidates. Peacekeepers, rally public opinion and preserve religious tradition could help the new emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi stop Boko Haram's rise to power.

Sanusi's recent election as emir of Kano makes him the country’s second-highest authority in the Muslim north after the Sultan of Sokoto. His appointment came as a huge surprise to majority Nigerians. Nigerians hope as a Monarch, Sanusi can reshape Kano and Northern Nigeria. His position is good for the state of Kano and the country. Can he stop the Islamist militant from power grab?

As emir he will be expected to be less controversial. He says he has no interest in formally entering politics but will back social causes rather than parties. And he will surely press for the reforms that could help fend off Boko Haram, the violent Islamist group that has been a scourge of the north.


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