Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Putin Gay Kiss: anger grows on Russians with American Singer

Putin Gay Kiss: anger grows on Russians with American Singer

Many Russians including President Putin is said to be angered by the American singer Demi Lovato performance at the Gay Pride in New York, last Sunday.The picture above was captured with two male dancers kissing each other, one of them was naked with a picture of President Putin  to his crotch.

Lovato, an actress and singer from the Disney stable in the Netherlands is not as well known but has millions of fans who call themselves Lovatics. Tens of thousands of Russian Lovatics their anger and frustration expressed on the internet. The hashtags # # Stay Strong DemiHurtsRussianLovatics and Putin were trending on Twitter Russian. 

On Vkontakte, a Russian social network much like Facebook, the performance was also an important issue. Russian fans criticize, and find that they should not interfere with politics Lovato "no respect" others took it for the singer on. Eventually Lovato himself responded on Twitter: "I never called anyone a piece of shit, but I let Putin be walking around in a rainbow string. Make sure you have your facts in order, bitches! "

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