Friday, August 29, 2014

Moo Cow: Latest Kenyan Lesso Designs

Lesso designs in Kenya: Latest Styles

Named 'Moo Cow' designer Wambui Njogu. Moo Cow is a Kenyan fashion Brand, and sells out of its own boutique in Silver Springs hotel Hurlingham, Nairobi, Kenya. Just like Nigeria's Ankara, Kenya's Ankara-like print Lesso is purely African.

Moo Cow produces fashion dresses, linen separates, leather waistcoats and waisted corset belts. Traditional Turkana aprons and beaded fringed belts. They also produce modern African jewelry, beaded sandles, limited addition artist T-shirt prints, recycled material bags and clutches.

The Moo Cow Enashipai collection was to invoke the wild spirit of the masquerade and mysterious things that move in the night. 'Moo cow wears midnight' collection was made for the Naivasha fashion weekend evening show section, entitled 'wild things'. Midnight is the magical hour.. (remember Cinderella) and African tribes invoked their ancestors, who danced behind the masks, to join in celebrations of and music, dance and costume. Like wise the Mexican celebrate the day of the dead with floral masks and the appearance of their master of ceremonies, Baron Samdei. Pictures courtesy of Radek art photography.


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