Friday, October 17, 2014

Nigerian pastor David Oyedepo is banned from entering Britain

David Oyedepo is banned from entering Britain

The Multi-millionaire Nigerian pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo, the general supervisor of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, better known as Winners Chapel has joined the US homemaker Martha Stewart, radical Islamic preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi and US rap star Snoop Dogg on the list of high-profile figures to be denied entry to the UK by the Home Office.

He is Nigeria's Richest Pastor and on the top of Africa's richest pastors. He founded Winners Chapel in 1981 and has grown it to become one of Africa’s largest congregation. His estimated net worth is over $150 million.

He owns lots of private jets and properties in London and the United States.

He owns Dominion Publishing House, founded Covenant University and Faith Academy.

The ban arose from extensive investigations by Britain’s Charity Commission that monies donated to Bishop Oyedepo’s church for charitable purposes were funneled to Nigeria to fund the preacher’s flamboyant lifestyle.

The commission cited that ''Mr. David Oyedepo was diverting funds to engage in a series of profitable ventures.”


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