Monday, November 17, 2014

Miniskirt protests in Kenya

Miniskirt protests in Kenya
Do you agree that women wearing short skirts in front of men is wrong and is like they are naked, and they should be taught a lesson by being beaten? That seems to be the case in Kenya as protesters, including men and women dressed in miniskirts, demonstrated in the streets of Nairobi on Monday to show support for a Kenyan woman who was assaulted and stripped naked by men who claimed the woman was dressed indecently. The incident also sparked the #MyDressMyChoice hashtag on Twitter.

On November 7, 2014 a woman was stripped by touts at the Embassava Bus Terminal. The event which was filmed by a bystander and put on YouTube has sparked outrage and a demand for justice from many citizens of Nairobi. If you’re on social media you may have seen a few tweets and posts commending the men for their action while others are outraged at the act.
Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi said: “Arrest those people! They are criminals! Any person who touched that woman should be arrested and charged for sexual offences. That was sexual assault.”

 "I strongly condemn violence against women in all its forms, whether it is domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, torture and abuse of women. We must take tangible action to eliminate violence against women.”


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