Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Still Missing: Malaysia Airlines flight, Nigeria Chibok Girls

still missing malaysia airlines and nigeria girls
Grieving family members of  passengers from a missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and Nigerian missing Chibok girls continues to accuse their respective governments of failing to provide them with regular updates on the search for the aircraft and schoolgirls.

They demanded to speak to government officials in a bid to get more information on the search for flight MH370. Police manhandled and pushed protesters that attempted to enter the gate and warned passersby to leave the area immediately.

"My son is alive and I want to know what the government is doing to find him," said Liu Dianyun, the mother of one of the passengers. A very similar story to that of the Nigerian counterpart.

239 people who were aboard the Boeing 777,  vanished on March 8 en route from Kuala Lumpur to China's capital.

On the night of April 14, 2014, hundreds of schoolgirls at the Chibok boarding school in northeastern Nigeria awoke to the sound of gunfire. 270 were reported missing and some schoolgirls have escaped since then and more added to the list. 


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