Saturday, January 10, 2015

Like Wenger, Nigeria President Jonathan is a specialist in failure

Wenger, Nigeria President Jonathan  is a specialist in failure
Nigerians and Osaseye sparks new war of words for the upcoming presidential election and says President Goodluck Jonathan is a specialist in failure. This famous quotes originated from Chelsea's Portuguese boss Jose Mourinho who says the Arsenal manager is a 'specialist in failure.' The Chelsea boss also added that he would 'not come back to London' if he had gone eight years without a trophy.
Wenger, Nigeria Jonathan  is a specialist in failure

Recently on New Year's eve, Catholic priest, Father Ejike Mbaka, delivered a sermon, which was very critical of the Goodluck Jona­than's administration. The priest asked the Nigerian president to step out of the general elections coming up next month, as he would not get a second term in office.

After six years as  President of Nigeria, there are millions of calls that President Goodluck Jonathan has failed. In Nigerians own words, he is a specialist in failure like Arsene Wenger.

He has failed in delivery stable power supply following multi-million electricity privatization; water supply is non-existent, dead and clogged water pipes; unemployment at record high; fuel scarcity at its peak, currency devaluation and inflation, massive failure in education as reported by the failed WAEC trends, Corruption at its best and the big one everyone is talking about SAFETY. No one is safe in Nigeria. Boko Haram is pretty much ruling Nigeria toe-to-toe.

The debate on who will become the next president of Nigeria continues. One thing is for sure. The election will be contested between Buhari and Jonathan. 

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