Saturday, February 14, 2015

Super Wedding Game-Identify Your Bride/Groom

Wedding Game-Identify Your Bride/Groom
The groom's eyes are covered with Aso-oke or sometimes with handkerchief, and a couple of people including the chief bridesmaid are made to sit in a row along with the bride. And then the super wedding game is initiated as the groom try to figure out which one is his bride by touching.

If he's unable to identify his bride, he is ordered to pay a fine by the organizer of the event or master of ceremony. This game is one of the favorite super wedding games Nigerians play. Can you identify your bride if you were placed in this position?

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  1. That’s a great game. I think it can be real fun if you choose your beloved one wrong it can put you in embarrassing situation. My cousin is busy in booking a good wedding location venue and I think I can tell him to have this activity for their wedding.