Friday, March 6, 2015

Everything about Aloye Adede 'Eyola' fashion

Aloye Adede aka Eyola's Nigerian fashion label
Aloye Adede aka Eyola's Nigerian fashion label adds a new touch to British tailoring styles. Femme De Rose and Eyola's traditional designs are a-must-lookbook. Fashion designer Eyola was born and raised in London and later moved to Italy to study Fashion Communication and Styling at the prestigious design school Istituto Europeo di Design. She graduated with a Masters degree in 2007. On her return to London in 2008 she set up her eponymous label Eyola- fascination of the Victorian epoch – a time of creation, innovation, celebrating the different cultures around the world and supporting freedom of expression. :

In 2011 Eyola's Femme De Rose was born, a virtual design companion supporting women, who inspire and influence trends, to express themselves through fashion. Femme De Rose's online custom-made service gives women an intimate experience designing a blazer jacket tailored and personalized to their individual style and size, a staple item that is infinitely desirable and the only one of its kind.

Aloye Adede 'Eyola' fashion
Osaseye sat one-one-one with the prestigious Eyola and winner of the "Most Promising Designer of the Year", AFI, 2010; "Emerging Talent", Vogue Talents, Vogue Italia, 2009 for an in-depth analysis of this breathtaking fashion designs

Why you started the project
Having studied fashion pioneers of the past, particularly during the nineteenth century, I realised that fashion during those times set out to break boundaries, captivate and inspire. With layers of innovation stripped year after year, it is becoming an increasing priority to attend to the commercial aspects of fashion while creativity often takes the back seat.  I wanted to create a fashion 'dialogue' between luxurious fabrics, elaborate craftsmanship, creativity and individualism.

The purpose behind the project
My goals are: creating well-crafted clothing that will serve women for a lifetime, promoting and celebrating individualism and hopefully bringing a breath of fresh air to fashion. Something different, something new. By only creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces, my intention is to encourage women to make their own choices and decisions in all aspects of their lives. Oftentimes we are surrounded by rules to abide by. In the case of fashion: what to buy, what not to wear, what to wear, when to wear it, when to stop wearing it. These barriers make us all become robots and I hope I can salvage a bit of individualism before it is long lost. 

What makes Eyola different from the other platforms
Eyola designs are an amalgamation of fashion's past, present and future, achieved through traditional craftsmanship, modern tailoring and timeless luxury. There are two womenswear lines under the Eyola brand umbrella. The Eyola label's focus is on one-of-a-kind and limited edition cocktail dresses, evening gowns and bridal wear, all timeless without an 'expiration' date - thus shunning the short-lived lifespan that plagues today's fashion industry. Sister label Eyola's Femme De Rose focuses on wardrobe staple items putting women in the driving seat by giving them tools to design their own fashion online. Our first wardrobe staple is the blazer jacket, which can be designed and ordered via our website Once the design is complete, it is handmade in London by skilled tailors and then delivered worldwide. It's simply a celebration of the past, present and future - where tradition, modernity and timelessness unite. Following the principles of nineteenth century British tailoring, Femme De Rose has given traditional tailoring a modern makeover by introducing a design-your-own online service.

What you want young aspiring Nigerian entrepreneurs to know about you
Giving up is not an option. No one can achieve long-term success without hard work and sacrifices.

To reach out to Eyola,please visit:

Eyola's Private Showroom, Lekki, Lagos. By Appointment Only. +234 809 505 5555