Friday, August 7, 2015

Alert: Bloggers death toll rises ''could be much higher'

Bloggers death toll rises ''could be much higher'

Be alert ladies and gentlemen, four bloggers have been killed this year alone in Bangladesh. Reports says a number of author, bloggers or writers are killed one after another. Blogger Neel was slaughtered in his flat in a building at North Gorhan around 1:45 PM, Khilgaon police officer in charge Mustafizur Rahman told BD News.

Two months later, secular blogger Ananta Bijoy Das was killed in Sylhet on busy streets, near the victims’ homes. These bloggers were critical about religious extremism and expressed their views freely in the Muslim-majority country.

Bangladesh has been witnessing several deaths of bloggers.

Blogger Roy was hacked to death in a similar manner near the Dhaka University premises on February 26.

In March, Washiqur Rahman, 27, was hacked to death by two men with knives and meat cleavers just outside his house as he headed to work at a travel agency in the capital, Dhaka.

Haider, an architect by profession, ran a blog that was instrumental in demanding trials for the perpetrators of the mass killings during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, a move that was widely seen as aimed at radical Islamists.


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