Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Man Orders Domino's, Gets $1,300 In Cash Instead

Man Orders Domino's, Gets $1,300 In Cash Instead

When you order Dominoes Pizza and instead of chicken wings you get cash, that is the story trending this week.

A Domino's in Berkeley, California, made just such a delivery on Friday, and the customer didn't even open the box right away.

Mike Vegas, a bartender at AT&T Park in San Francisco, told NBC Bay Area he thought he was going to have the night off so he ordered some pizza and chicken wings. But when he got called into work, he stuck the box of wings in the fridge unopened.

"I got off work really late, and when I came back home I found the cash in the delivery box -- a refrigerated deposit," Vegas told the station. "I was rubbing my eyes at 5 a.m., laughing at myself."

Domino's driver hid nearly $1,300 in cash in a box marked "chicken wings" but only if you don't accidentally deliver it to a customer. Vegas said the driver had called looking for the missing money, but since he had been at work, he ignored the calls. 

Vegas posted an image on Facebook showing two stacks of bills -- one containing $666, the other $633:


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